SDG UNLEASH Hack 2021 : 24 Hacks Are Happening Across 20 Countries

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Call for applications : UNLEASH Hacks : a total of 24 Hacks happening across 20 countries this year !
Hacks are localized innovation sprints taking place over two Saturdays where you have the opportunity of working with people from your country on challenges close to your heart. 


UNLEASH Hacks are localised  hackathons designed to address sustainability challenges in specific contexts around the world. 
Through a collaborative 2-day event organised by UNLEASH Alumni and their network, passionate talents work with local stakeholders and community leaders to collectively solve problems and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals 
Each hack focuses on one region and one sustainability challenge. For now, all Hacks will take place online over two Saturdays. 

Why Join a Hack ?  

UNLEASH Hack 2021

How To Participate ?   

You can participate in any Hack, as long as you are close to the community or the theme that is addressing.  All you need it : 
  • Demonstrated passion and commitment to solving pressing SDG challenges, and a creative an innovative mindset
  • Willingness to engage in co-creation with peers and experts 
  • To be 20 – 35 years old
Applications will be open 5  weeks before each Hack. Stay tuned and you can sign to get information on application dates straight in your inbox if you are interested in joining one of the Hacks.
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