'Forest In Your Name' Program

Going full circle: Plant Trees with Changemakr asia

Mangrove trees are the silent heroes of many ecosystems. 
They protect shore lines from erosion and even the danger of tsunamis. 
A single tree in a mangrove forest can store up to a ton of CO2 – 5x more than a tropical rainforest! 
In addition, mangroves provide a vital breeding ground for many species, clean and filter water, and provide economic opportunities. 
Through our “A Forest In your Name” Program, we plant TWO mangrove trees for EVERY service purchased on our platforms. Along with every purchase you’ll find a link to learn more about your tree, it’s location, and the impact you’re having to boost carbon offset in Asia and regenerate an intricate ecosystem, binding tons of carbon from the atmosphere while empowering the local community, thus in return sustain nature. 
Together, we can do our part in regenerating what’s left of our precious ecosystems.
'Forest In Your Name' Program