Last Call : Ocean Purpose Project x Epic Water Filters Bottle Design Competition

Ocean Purpose Project
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Volunteer to design Ocean Purpose Project. The chosen entry will be printed on a limited edition Epic Water bottle !  
As part of World Water Day 💧, this year Ocean Purpose Project have proudly partnered with
Epic Water Filters to organise Asia’s very first OG Artist series bottle design open call.

Ocean Purpose Project X Epic Water Bottle Design Competition

What do you need to do?
Ocean Purpose Project needs creative volunteers to help them come up with a bottle design that fits the theme of Ocean Purpose Project. This is open to everyone, both professionals or budding designers with no minimum age requirement. 
Why now? 
We commemorate World Water Day (WWD) annually on 22 March & this year’s WWD theme is “Valuing Water”. Water is a valuable resource that allows us to function daily, spend time with our loved ones and achieve our goals.

What should you consider when designing the bottle? 

Ocean Purpose Project is a social enterprise that tackles ocean pollution and marine conservation through :
1) Plastic to Fuel
2) Seaweed & Mussel Bioplastics and
3) Behaviour Change.
Though Ocean Purpose Project is based in Pasir Ris, their projects have implications around South East Asia and beyond. 
What do you think Ocean Purpose Project represents visually? Look at Ocean Purpose Project logo for instance.
OPP logo black (image :Ocean Purpose Project)
Ocean Purpose Project Logo
OPP logo colour (image : Ocean Purpose Project)
What do you see? A whale? A plastic bag? When Ocean Purpose Project logo was designed, they wanted it to represent both the problems and solutions around marine life- oftentimes two sides of the same coin.
Get creative and play around with their logo, motto & cause! Bring in other ideas into your design because we cannot wait to see what you have in mind. Check their socials to see the work they have done:

Why Epic Water ?

To mitigate this, Epic Water Filters presents a unique solution – a bottle with a robust coconut carbon filter that allows you to drink rain or river water without falling ill.  

Why Should You Participate ?

Within Epic Water’s OG Artist series, the chosen entry will be the first design from Asia to be printed on an Epic Water bottle. The chosen entry’s designer’s name will be printed on the bottles too – let the world see and appreciate your artistic work. Beyond recognition, this newly designed bottle will be used by Ocean Purpose Project team whenever we are out in the field dighting for ocean conservation, and proceeds will be channeled into funding Ocean Purpose Project’s local conservation efforts. 
Check out 👉 👈 for more detailed instructions and sample designs from past events!

Submission Details

What do you need to submit?
1.Digital artwork
Refer to the theme below  
OPP theme
image : Ocean Purpose Project
OPP theme
image : Ocean Purpose Project
2. Short write up.  
In no more than 200 words, describe the inspiration for your artwork. 
How do you submit and by when ? 
Email your entry to Ocean Purpose Project via email ( before 22nd April 2021. Do remember to attach your artwork and write-up in the email. 
Ocean Purpose Project is a Singaporean Social Enterprise solving the ocean plastic crisis through plastic to fuel, bioplastics and behaviour change​Based in Pasir Ris, Ocean Purpose Project (OPP) projects have implications around South East Asia and beyond. 
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