10 Inspiring Social Justice and Activism Influencers to Follow on Instagram

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We got it! Social media can be a somewhat dark and scary space, but there are folks out there using the medium to make damn good educational content. Time to stand by and follow these social justice influencers advocating for a better future !
We came across a few names of reliable people who advocates social justice issues in an interactive way for you to follow :

1. Blair Imani

Topic: Women and girls, black communities, LGBTQ community
Blair Imani has been advocating social justice issues mainly surrounding her being a muslim black women in LGBTQ community. She is an author, activist, and an educator. One of her philosophy is “to think of activism like a potluck dinner.” She said to M Dash, “If you have no dairy in your house, don’t volunteer to bring mac and cheese. Don’t try to bring something to the table that you don’t already have. Also, be humble. If there’s somebody at the potluck who’s been making mac and cheese for the past 10 years, don’t step up and try to take their spot. Listen to people who are already doing the work, and then figure out ways to support them.”

2. Chella Man 

Topic: Intersections of art, disability, queerness, race, identity, and healing
Chella Man identifies as deaf, genderqueer, trans-masculine, Chinese, and Jewish. Growing up, he couldn’t find representation to look up to, so he decided to become his own role model. 

3. Eugenia Chow

Topic: Inclusive sustainability and veganism
Residing in Hongkong, Eugenia focuses on inclusive plant-based eating. Not only she shares the surface of being vegan, she also tries to eliminate elitist veganism by discussing green colonialism, regenerative activism, indigenous teachings, and many more

4. Remember Who Made Them

Topic: Justice for Garment Workers
Remember Who Made Them advocates labour rights with intersectional approach, especially garment workers. They also focus on criticising brands’ responsibility towards their workers and their products. 

Follow Remember Who Made Them here

5. Nadia Kishlan

Topic: Sustainability, holistic living
Nadia Kishlan advocates the rights of vulnerable groups in times of need, living with minimal waste, and race relations in Singapore.

6. DK Wardhani

Topic: Minimizing waste, sustainable living

DK Wardhani is an author who focuses on environmental issues, specifically how to best process waste, use the most of the resources we have, and so on.

Follow her here

7. Humane Magazine

Topic: Queer publication

Humane Magazine focuses on queer publication, media representation, and history in Indonesia. They cover figures who have been advocating the cause.


Follow them here

8. Aditi Gupta 

Topic: Positive period conversation, menstrual hygiene

Aditi Gupta has spoken in TED, included in Forbes 30 Under 30, mostly for her achievement advocating about menstrual health for women and girls all around the world, eliminating the taboos, and creating more accessible hygiene. 

Follow her here

9. Kudeta Mag

Topic: Intersectional art, identity, politics

Kudeta Mag claims to be a safe place for younger generations to best express themselves through arts. They first garner media attention when they cover the issue of racism towards Papuans in Indonesia by collecting data about what is happening in Papua and what people can do to help.

Follow them here

10. Stay Purr Club

Topic: Animal rights, cruelty free lifestyle

Owned by Indira Diandra, Stay Purr Club focuses on adopting and donating for stray animals and cruelty free lifestyles. 

Follow their work here

Do we miss anything from our list ? Can anyone recommend any other social justice influencers  that we should follow ? This isn’t marketing. We’re here to share positive knowledge and information. 
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