Pulau Plastik : An Eye-Opener Film On Bali’s Plastic Pollution Problem

Pulau Plastik
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Our plastic pollution crisis is too big for recycling to fix. It’stime to #actforthefuture #bergerakuntukmasadepan
Indonesia has reached a plastic pollution state of emergency. Single-use plastic waste is breaking down into micro-plastics, entering the ocean, harming marine life and ending up on our plates. We need to take action now! Join Gede Robi, Tiza Mafira, and Prigi Arisandi on their journey to capture the facts about single-use plastic pollution across Indonesia.


A documentary film by Visinema Pictures, Kopernik, Akarumput, and Watchdoc that tells the story of three individuals and their fight against single-use plastic pollution. Gede Robi, is the Balinese vocalist of grunge-band Navicula; Tiza Mafira, a young lawyer from Jakarta; and Prigi Arisandi, a biologist and river guard from East Java. The three protagonists explore the extent of plastic pollution in Indonesia, how it has entered our food chain and is impacting our health, as well as what can be done to address the plastic pollution crisis.
Adapted from a series that shares the same title, the Pulau Plastik documentary: A Journey and Notes for the Future, directed by Dandhy Laksono and Rahung Nasution will commence screening in cinemas on 22 April 2021 across cities in Indonesia.


Find out the full schedules below :


Join the series of events “Road to Film Pulau Plastik” and be part of the solutions together ! The series of events will take place from 18 – 21 April 2021 by presenting the cast and filmmakers of Pulau Plastik.
Find out the full schedules below : 
Road to Film Pulau Plastik
image : Pulau Plastik

Sunday, 18th April 2021 

“Sunday Without Plastik”

location : Bali

Road To Film Pulau Plastik
image : Pulau Plastik

Monday – Wednesday, (18th – 21st April 2021) 

location : Bali

Road To Film Pulau Plastik
Limited spaces available for 40 pax. Click here to register yourself before 17th April 2021 
We need to #ActfortheFuture now for a better world.

Organise a Community Screening

The Pulau Plastik Series comprises of four 20-minute episodes which are available for community screenings.
The plastic crisis cannot solely be solved by individual actions but requires collective efforts. Organize a screening with your family, friends, community, or organization, and let’s all be a part of the solution!
Interested to organise a private screening of Pulau Plastik Film and spark discussions around plastic pollution ? Reach out to the team here. Pulau Plastik team will will get in touch with you shortly with a screening kit, including a link to the series.

ABOUT Pulau Plastik :

Pulau Plastik  (Plastic Island) is a collaborative campaign to tackle the issue of single-use plastic in Bali and beyond. Pulau Plastik leverages popular culture and includes social media campaigns, public service announcements, video series, and a feature-length documentary to increase awareness about the hazards of single-use plastic, to change people’s behavior and to advocate for change.
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