Feeling Anxious When Wake Up In The Morning ? Here’s How To Manage It

Feeling anxious when when wake up in the morning ? You are not alone. Here’s how to manage your morning anxiey, especially during this uncertain times. 
 The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to adapt to the “new normal” – where work, family, and relationships seemed to have taken a drastic turn. According to the latest survey conducted by the national University Health System’s (NUHS) Mind Science Centre, found that 61 per cent of those working from home reported feeling anxious and eventually, stressed. 
While there are plenty events can trigger anxiety, waking up in the morning and starting a new day can instal the sense of anxiety. this is called morning anxiety. 


Morning anxiety is (usually) caused by the steroid hormone, cortisol which is produced in the adrenal glands. Humans, have this thing called the Cortisol Awakening Response. When we wake up, most have a sharp 38 – 75% increase of cortisol for about 30 minutes. Similarly, anxiety and stress also create cortisol. Hence in a situation when we are in a constant state of high stress, we will fall asleep stressed out, or wake up and feeling anxious about the day. Our body will naturally start producing more cortisol and in response we will freak out. The cortisol runs in their body screaming “wake up, you need to move or you will die“. The body, basically, goes into flight or flight mode. It’s really a vicious cycle. 
Good quality of sleep. Make sure that you are getting a good amount of sleep nightly. Establish a bedtime routine, stop looking at screens at least 30 minutes before bed.
Relax yourself before you fall asleep each night. try to fall asleep in the most relaxed state possible.
Limit alcohol and caffeine intake as both can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.
Start an enjoyable morning routine by using positive affirmations. Positive affirmations such as "I am happy and healthy" can easily train ourselves to be more positive and present.
Choose healthy diet over processed foods and limit your sugar intake
Try to stick to the same sleep schedule
Try to wake up early so you can have a little more time for a calm and slow morning routine. That means not snoozing until the very last second and then leaving the house in a panicked frenzy.
Write whatever's on your mind. Write whatever comes to your mind, it doesn't have to be full sentences or make any sense, jut get out whatever stuff is in your brain (both positive and negative thoughts)
Make your bed. This may seem like a simple task but it is therapeutic in the sense that it allows you to successfully complete a task. This sense of accomplishment creates momentum for the rest of your day.
Get out and Move. Stretch, take a walk, go out for a run, do online HIIT, or hit the gym. If you're someone who feels better after getting up and moving, work it into your new morning routine. Exercise relieves stress and does a whole load of other great things for our brain and body.
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