Mental Health Responsive Workplace – 5 Ideas to Practice

Mental health workplace by ChangeMakr Asia
How can we create a more mental health responsive workplace. While there is no single formula, but we can start with 5 actionable steps. 
Mental health topic has pervaded on our everyday conversations. At the same time, It is increasingly being recognised that the mental health of employees is crucial determinant in their overall health. Having a mentally health environment can help employees become happier, more productive, motivated and engaged. 
While there is no single formula on how to we create a more mental health responsive workplace, there are 5 actionable steps each leader can do : 
1. understand that employee mental health and productivity are two sides of the same coin.
2. recognise that even the best, most productive employee have good and bad days
3. acknowledge when someone is having a difficult time
4. create a safe, non-judgmental space for people to share 
5. signposts on how to access mental health support in the workplace & communicate this openly to anyone ! 
Just like our physical health, mental health matters for all of us !  
Have more tips / tricks on how to create more mental health responsive workplace especially during this uncertain times ? Share your comments below 
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