3 Campaigns To Lend A Hand To Our Migrant Brothers This Festive Season

Donate to migrant workers singapore
Kindling the spirit of giving back to our migrant brothers with these 3 campaigns
Singaporeans benefit from world-class infrastructure and clean streets thanks to migrant brothers who work hard all year round ; all while enduring harsh living conditions themselves. The least we can do is send them some cheery goodies and necessities to help them get through this challenging time.



ItsRainingRaincoats Christmas Campaign is back for its fourth season ! Join ItsRainingRaincoats as they ring in the yuletide season for the migrant worker community in Singapore.   Here are few ways you can help kindle the spirit of giving back where it is most needed. 
IRR Christmas 2021
image : ItsRainingRaincoats
** All gifts must be NEW and GIFT WRAPPED
** If you plan on giving anything outside this list, please clear with ItsRainingRaincoats as the workers have limited space and they prefer to give workers items they will like and use.

Donate to Ray of Hope   

you may also choose to donate to the Ray of Hope campaign. The funds are used to purchase essential items like meals, groceries, and utility purchases (hair trimmers, cookers, phones, data topups, etc) for migrant workers as identified by ItsRainingRaincoats.


While we have families and friends this festive season, many of our migrant brothers will spend another year separated from theirs. Many workers’ families do not have access to wifi and cannot afford data plans that make WhatsApp or Viber calls possible. Workers often spend $30-40 each month on IDD cards alone, not including data plans they purchase to access other services. Purchasing IDD cards become a luxury they cannot afford.
Call Home seeks to fill that need. Twilio powers Call Home, allowing 3G to landline calls. Twilio was chosen because it is an industry-standard mature solution with solid documentation that does all we want (e.g. browser to landline calling, SMS delivery, phone number verification). This makes it quite simple for us to evolve the service to better meet the demands of our consumers. Call Home, which is supported by Twillio.org, receives a highly reduced rate from Twilio, resulting in overall calling prices that are 40-55 percent cheaper than conventional calling rates and among the lowest rates in the market.


Yet to use your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers ? use them for a good cause before the year ends. Via Klook Cares, you can donate your vouchers to purchase tickets to the Singapore Flyers for our migrant brothers, via It’s Raining Raincoats ! Our migrant brothers will be treated to a visual 360 feast of famous and historical locations such as Singapore River, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, and Empress Place for $35 per ticket, redeemed via your unused SingapoRediscover vouchers.
Would you join us in spreading holiday cheer to them during this joyous season ? It’s the least we can do to express our gratitude for everything they do for us. 
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