Great Christmas Ideas : Circular And Regenerative Gifts To Surprise Your Loved ones With

circular regenerative Christmas
Here are our favourite festive seasons that 100% circular, restorative and regenerative to surprise your loved ones with.
December is here and It’s never too early to mention the ‘C’ word. With the holiday season approaching, the spirit of the season causes people to overspend. Do we really need more stuff ? So, in the spirit of giving better, more thoughtful , circular gifts, here’s the ultimate list of everything from zero-waste, circular, regenerative to restorative gift ideas. Feel free to mix and match for a truly meaningful, holiday season!


1. Donate On Behalf Of  Loved Ones    

Go the extra mile and donate to charity in their name, an act of kindness goes a long way. If you are donating to charity in someone else’s name as a present, make sure the charity is a good fit for the recipient. If you are unclear whether the recipient would like this gift, you can always ask them beforehand. 
Not sure what to write on your xmas card, here are few gift wording examples that you can put in the card : 
  • In the spirit of the holiday season, I’ve made a donation to your favorite charity in your name.
  • I know how important giving back is to you, so I’ve made a donation in your name to honor your generous nature.
  • I’ve made a donation in your name to (insert charity’s name) to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. I know how much you care about (insert charity’s main mission) and wanted to support your passion for (insert recipient’s passion).
In addition to donating to charities on behalf of your loved ones, consider giving  gifts that’ll conjunctively support noble causes at no additional cost to you. Support businesses that give back, or just learn more about places you can donate directly to, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a variety of  local-businesses, minority-owned, LGBTQ-owned, and mission-driven businesses. 
Who doesn’t like the feel-good realization that they’ve indirectly supported a good cause? 
From 1 – 31 December 2021, In support of SG Cares Giving Week 2021, Livconsciously together with its partners are fundraising for the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) from 1 to 31 Dec 2021. 

2. Restore Mangrove Forest with Carbonethics   

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” Trees have a meaning in many cultures and old wisdoms; so make  the planet proud with Blue Carbon Package from  Carbonethics
Blue Carbon Package
Blue Carbon Package by Carbonethics Indonesia
The Blue Carbon Package is directly contributing to the conservation and restoration of coastal ecosystems, and tangible climate solutions. Additionally, you are also improving the livelihood of coastal communities in Indonesia by providing real socioeconomic benefits.

3. Give A Gift That Matters WITH SAFE SPACE

We all need a little extra help sometimes. So why don’t we show a loved one that we care with a therapy e-card?
Safe Space therapist can support your loved one from anywhere, any time. With Safe Space™ Gift Certificate, your loved ones can then begin the journey towards feeling happier and healthier. It’s the gift that really matters.
Safe Space Gift Certificate
image : Safe Space

4. Grow Your Love with Left-Handesign “Back To Earth” Box  

Grow your love and make planet proud with Left-Handesign’s “Back To Earth” box. Spread the message of sustainability by sending a “Back To Earth” box to your loved ones. 
Back To Earth box is a terrific choice for anyone who is just starting their eco-adventure. To make things easier, they’ve mixed and matched the products. You can also select which herbs you want.
Back To Earth Box by Left-Handesign
Back To Earth Box by Left-Handesign

5. Give The Gift of Learning With Kebun Kumara 

Do you need a last minute present for a discerning gardener? A design enthusiast?  A cook? Or someone looking for a healthy new hobby?  Look no further. Kebun Kumara offers online and offline workshops on gardening, composting, permaculture and upcycling plastic waste. All of their workshops cover fundamental principles as well practical, applied solutions to generate thorough awareness and capacity building of the learner. Kebun Kumara can readily cater to both children and adults, public or private sessions. What’s more ? Their courses can be conducted in both Bahasa Indonesia and English.
Simply connect with Kebun Kumara team here to find out more about their gardening workshop. 
For more information, please go to Kebun Kumara or contact them here
We  hope this list helps you to have the best possible Christmas and holidays that isn’t all about consumption. Instead of “Mine it Make it Dump it” can we make Christmas 2021 “Reuse, Recycle Regenerate, Restore and Circular” ?

The article was initially published on 3rd December 2021. 

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