The Trash Sure : Waste-made Sumatran Tiger Art Installation Stresses Plastic And Waste Addiction Globally

trash sure art installation 2022
The 7m Sumatra Tiger made of waste materials puts a spotlight on global waste and plastic addiction.
Globally, 2.01 billion tonnes of waste are generated every year. The Portuguese street artist Bordalo II (Artur Bordalo) creates stunning animal sculptures to spread awareness about endless waste production. Unlike most artists, Bordalo scavenges his materials instead of buying them. As a means of portraying nature (animals), he uses materials that pose a threat to it.


7m-tall tiger made of trash at Gardens by the Bay

A 7m critically endangered Sumatran tiger made entirely of waste materials such as portable toilets and road dividers stands tall at Peninsula Plaza, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Artur Bordalo, a Portuguese artist known for transforming trash into massive animal sculptures, said the feline is his largest up-cycled artwork in Asia and aims to highlight global resource waste and the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
The sculpture will be displayed at the SG50 lattice of Gardens by The Bay for the next three years, UBS said in a statement on Monday (1st August 2022). Much like Bordalo II’s trademark works, it is made from an eclectic range of waste materials, including plastic hoses, trolleys and parts of children’s playgrounds, collected by the Adplanet Group, UBS employees and Ho Bee Land’s construction partner.