Sri Lanka Cuts Tax On Female Hygiene Products

Srilanka cuts tax for period product
Sri Lanka takes measures to ensure safe and hygienic periods
Inflation rates exceeding 70% and severe shortages of essential goods have worsened the situation in Sri Lanka. In response, Sri Lanka’s government cut taxes on female sanitary products with immediate effects.


Period Poverty in Sri Lanka 

Despite the economic downturn last year, many schoolgirls and women in Sri Lanka stayed home when they were menstruating because they could not afford sanitary products. In a study by the policy advocacy group Advocata, about 50% of Sri Lanka’s 5.3 million women of reproductive age experience “period poverty” — a lack of access to sanitary products. 
Activists believe the situation has worsened with Sri Lanka experiencing severe shortages of essential goods and high inflation rates. 
According to the office of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, local taxes on goods imported for making female hygiene products have been waived with immediate effect.
The Wickremesinghe administration said import duties would be reduced by 20 percent on pads and tampons.
The tax cut was to “make hygiene products more affordable in view of ensuring hygiene among women and school girls,” the statement said.
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