How You Empower Others When You Shop Ethically

shop ethical and empower others
Shop ethically can empower others, change lives and impact the world on a greater scale!
How we spend our money is one of the most powerful ways to empower others. Every dollar we spend on shopping is a vote, and every dollar we spend empowers someone. The question is, to whom are we giving power? It’s an excellent question to ponder. Unfortunately, there is no one to account for. This is just for your use.
When we pick ethical fashion over fast fashion, we empower the company, the designers, and the individuals who work behind the scenes. Our money delivers several signals at the same time. 


Here are you empower others when you shop ethically : 
I really like your stuff!” This straightforward statement instills confidence. When your product is admired and desired, it inspires additional innovation in you as a creator. Of course, your money alone sends this message, but you are welcome to reach out and tell them so as well.
“Thank you for helping me to make a difference in the world“. Brands influence our behaviours, our aspirations, our insecurities and even our definition of success and happiness. When you support an ethical brand, you unleash brands’ potential in helping consumers make their own difference, to be environmentally friendly and ethical in their daily life. 
I stand for workers’ rights.” When you purchase from an ethical brands, you vote for safe working conditions, fair wages,  salaries and benefits for everyone engaged in the process. Equality leads to empowerment.
Your livelihood is important.” When you support a small business rather than a giant conglomerate, you help that firm to thrive. Purchasing from a small business may appear to be a minor activity, but the creators and manufacturers behind the scenes feel the love when you do.

The article was initially published on  13th January 2022.