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Heroes On The Ground by Social Innovation Park | ChangeMakr Asia
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The latest Interview series by Social Innovation Park (SIP) : Heroes on the Ground 
Join us as we introduce you to the latest series by Social Innovation Park (SIP). This interview series unveils the daily lives, experiences, aspirations, passions and motivations behind what the ‘heroes’ from SIP’s social enterprises are doing, revealing and showcasing the heartfelt stories of these ‘heroes’ on the ground, who are employees of social enterprises and social entrepreneurs themselves.
Their inaugural five-part episodes, featuring five different social entrepreneurs from SIP, shares the human stories behind five ‘heroes’ embarking on their own social entrepreneurial and social innovation journey  and building a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world.
Sneak peek to their latest episode here :
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Check out their 1st episode here
Through this series, SIP hopes to be able to inspire more people to be interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation and give back to the society in their own possible ways. This series will be posted on SIP social media platforms weekly, from 27 November 2020 to 25 December 2020.
Social Innovation Park (SIP) is a home-grown, impartial, not for profit organization founded in 2006 to Educate, Empower and Enhance social entrepreneurs and innovators from the Private, Public and People (3’P’) sectors. With the vision of building a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world, through high-impact, sustainable and cross-sector solutions to social needs.
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