Impact Circles x HeartChat : Mental Health Virtual Conference 2020

Impact Circles HK X Heart Chat : Mental Health Virtual Conference 2020
Join the upcoming mental health virtual conference “The Next Paradigm Shift: Workplace Resilience under the New Normal organised by Impact Circles and heartChat.
Hong Kong has been going through some very turbulent times, starting with the social unrest in 2019, to COVID-19 for much of 2020. This has taken a toll on many- Hong Kong people’s mental health index has dipped to 45.12, down from 46.41 in 2019. Scoring below 52 indicates an unsatisfactory psychological state. Seeing as COVID has no clear signs of firmly abating in the near future/until a vaccine becomes widespread, what can Hong Kong people do to cope during these stressful times, and what resources are available to them within the community? What are corporations in Hong Kong doing to help their employees cope?
Join Impact Circles (together with HeartChat 聊心) this December for an in-depth and insightful look into the state of the most pressing mental health and well-being issues in Hong Kong. Hear from clinical psychologists, mental health advocates, and corporate trainers on ways to seek help. Attendees will also have a chance to participate in smaller groups led by professional psychologists, counsellors, therapists, coaches, social workers and corporate trainers to hear insights and get expert advice.

Mental Health Virtual Conference :  The Next Paradigm Shift    

Learn from experts in the field, during curated panel discussions and smaller group sessions presented to you by Impact Circles (together with HeartChat)
Date and time : Friday, 11 December 2020 (7:30 pm – 9:30 pm) and Saturday, 12 December 2020 (10:00 am – 12:00 pm)  
Format : online (free entry, first-come-first-served!)
Fee : free
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In these times of increased stress, uncertainty, and layoffs, what can employees do to manage their workplace stress and maintain mindfulness ? For team managers, how can change management and team effectiveness be maintained ? The key to coping will be to build a mental and emotional resilience to be able to take on life’s challenges. 
Looking at workplace stresses and mindfulness; managing human capital/teams, maintaining effectiveness of yourself and your team ; work-life integration and balance; building and maintaining resilience. 
Recognising the resources around you and seizing them; being in the right mental and emotional state to frame events around you and receive them; and then be transformed. 
Adapting to change during uncertainty, and adopting a growth mindset
Children’s cognitive / intellectual development during these times. 
Day 1 moderator : Ms. Patricia Slawinska, Founder,
Impact Circles X HeartChat : Mental Health Virtual Conference 2020
Day 1 Panelists (image credit : Impact Circles X Heart Chat HK)


As layoffs potentially continue, how can people plan and manage change for business continuity, and also further develop as leaders ? 
How can we leverage technology to benefit our mental and physical health, and utilise our breath as a skills ? 
As working from home continues, what parenting skills and positive psychology techniques are most beneficial? 
Leadership development, achieving business continuity, conflict resolution, preventing performance derailment
Mind/body and Tech
Managing and leveraging your breath
Parenting, child development and positive psychology
Achieving happiness in the workplace and how it can help productivity
Day 2 Moderator: Mr. Vincent Li, Co-Founder, HeartChat 聊心 and Impact Circles
Day 2 Panelists (image credit : Impact Circles X Heart Chat HK)
Day 2 Panelists (image credit : Impact Circles X Heart Chat HK)