SG Giving Week 2020 : Everything You Need To Know About The Campaign

Giving Week 2020 (image credit : NVPC / City Of good) | ChangeMakr Asia
SG Cares Giving Week 2020. Happening from 1 – 7 Dec 2020. Join us in the  generosity movement to rebuild a better world for everyone.
2020 is a tough year, but the community spirit is stronger than ever. From 1st to 7th December 2020, join SG Cares Giving Week, together we  celebrate these little acts and end the year on a great note. Let’s make it “The Best Week Ever!” 

SG Cares Giving Week 2020  

Imagine a week full of endless opportunities to give and rebuild a cary community that supports one another. Starting from the 1st December, The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), in partnership with SG Cares and the National Council of Social Services (NCSS), will be launching their 6th SG Cares Giving Week 2020. 
SG Cares Giving Week 2020 is a nation-wide movement that celebrates the spirit of giving. Individuals, leaders, businesses, and non-product organisations come together to support of the causes they are passionate about. With more than 100 giving partners taking part this year, all of us have endless opportunities to give their time, talent, treasure, and voice to support any cause you are passionate about in all ways, big and small. 
SG Giving Week 2020 (image credit : NVPC / City Of Good)
SG Giving Week 2020 (image credit : NVPC / City Of Good)

How to Take Part  

With an array of activities like Everyday Giving, The Giving Trees, a line up of exciting events at The Giving Hub , all of us can take part in #MyHeartbeatsFor social media challenge, and share our own #TheGivingStories on to inspire others to do their part. 
These are the little acts, when multiplied by millions, makes a world of difference and help us to become a Singapore that cares. 
Find more about SG Cares Giving Week at
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