Navigating the world of Conscious Shopping : 5 Low Waste Gifting Ideas

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Navigating the world of conscious shopping can be difficult this time of the year. Here’s low waste gift ideas you can choose for your loved ones.
Have you sorted your christmas gifting out yet ? Looking for greener giving and holiday season ?
2020 has been quite a year so it’s totally acceptable to keep this Christmas – holiday thing simple yet sustainable. In an effort to do that, here are low waste gift ideas you can choose for your loved ones. After all, great gifts are good for the people and planet too. 

1. Experience / Digital products       

Have you thought about christmas gifts that a are experiences and not stuff ?
More gift stuffs also mean ore stuff to clutter our (already) stuffed rooms, closets, and homes ?Let’s admit it,   most of us treasure experiences over materialistic stuff nowadays. 
Here are some experience gift ideas for everyone (ps : many of these ideas can be combined to make an epic experience day) : 
1. Explore outdoors (walk around natural park, trails, hiking, biking, or camping) 
2. Explore your city.
3.Local museums, art centers or zoo annual memberships
4. Game / movie night (old classic experience that always fun !)
5. Photo shoot 
6. Subscription to a  mindfulness/ wellbeing apps  
7. Virtual lessons for a new activities / skills (photography, art, coding, cooking, etc)
8. Membership to local fitness  studio (, spin, the gym, etc)
9. Mental health and wellbeing counselling voucher 
10. plant a tree in their name (clutter free gift that also helps the planet)

2. Your Time and Presence       

many of us attempt to give materials items to make up for the time we don’t spend with the people we love and care about.  It is easy to go overboard with stuffs and other material items. But possessions can’t ever make up for lost time and presence. 
So how about give your time and presence this holiday season ? Eventually, people remember the love and thoughtfulness. 

The only gifts that matter to others are the simple ones, the human ones, those kindness, appreciation, friendship, and LOVE. Let us remember they want our true presence more than presents

Here are some gift of time and presence : 
1. digital detox and log off from gadgets 
2. switch off from social media 
3. Phone free meal time
4. Analogue activities with loved ones – spend time together, from baking to board games and walk, that doesn’t involve screens or gadgets.   
5. Share your skills and time with charity groups nearby 
When you are completely focused in the moment – no gadgets, no TV, no internet, no distractions – it marks a difference in the lives of people around you. The simple act of showing up exchanging stories, giving each other time and presence is completely a humbling experience. 

3. A Green Christmas Gift        

Why not skip buying a trendy gift or another food baskets and give a green Ghristmas present this year !  Gifting a plant are one way to put a smile on loved ones’ faces. It also stands out from the crowd and make a great, eco-friendly alternative to plastic junk and other disposable items. Since we’ve all been spending more time at home than ever, this is a simple way to beautify a space and help purify the air. 
You can choose from variety of beautiful, toxic-free indoor houseplants or bonsai plants that are easy to care for and transport. Believe it or not kids love plants too! It is a great way to teach the basics of caring for another living thing. Support your local plant shop, greenhouse  or nursery. 
creative decoration for house plant (image credit : Pinterest) | ChangeMakr Asia
creative decoration for house plant (image credit : Pinterest)

4. Anything From Local , small and independent Sellers        

2020 has been a challenging year and many small and independent businesses have seen a major dip in sales and facing uncertain future. How about try to support them and shop local ? Choosing local and independent services over big brands  names certainly make a huge difference.
This festive season is an opportunity to change your shopping habits and support local, small, and independent makers and sellers. 

5. Upcycled, repurpose Gift         

Let’s face it, gifting used items can be hard as people’s styles are so personal and not everyone likes the idea of secondhand items. But why not put your op-shopping skills to work on behalf of friends and family, and pick up something beautiful, (maybe unique) and unique for them this Christmas ? 
If you are gifting to non-vintage lover, choose up-cycled present. You are still saving stuffs from going to landfill, but it’s newly packaged and presented. 
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