Reduce, Rewear, Repair and Repeat ! How To Be An Outfit Repeater And Look Different Every Time

Reduce, rewear, repair
Bye, Fast Fashion. We are proud #outfitrepeater ! 
New, new, new isn’t necessarily better for your style and clothes. Don’t get us wrong: new goods are fantastic, but recognizing what works for you and your own style also means understanding that the current trend isn’t necessarily the best. Recycling, repeating, repairing and reusing what you currently possess and enjoy, as well as investing in products with durability and adaptability, might be more satisfying than incorporating the latest and greatest (which won’t survive long enough to be repeated) into your mix.



An outfit repeater wears the same outfit over and over again, yet each time it feels fresh and new. Outfit repeating doesn’t mean you can’t shop ever again. Outfit repeating allows us to focus on what we have and makes us consider if we need to acquire anything else. Of course, you may purchase more! But perhaps not as much or as frequently; it will vary from person to person, but we can only do our best at the end of the day.
New year same outfits
New year, same outfits! We are proud Outfit Repeater / image : Remake World


Let me let you in on a little secret: repeating clothing indicates that you have style. Because you know how to re-wear things while making them feel new. It’s an art form. Fashion is always putting something new on, and fashion is fleeting. Style is eternal, after all.
So there are two scenarios for when it is a good time to repeat an outfit : 
Scenario 1 : Will you run into any of the same people?
IF NO = Put It On
IF YES = Fold it and wear it later in the week when you won’t be seeing the same folks. Or when it’s clean again next week (even if you do see the same peeps)
Scenario 2 : Did it look well on you the first time you wore it ? 
IF NO = Perhaps try a different combination
IF YES = Repeat that baby – wash, wear, repeat over and over again. You can switch up your hairstyle or wear different accessories to create a different feel and spice the thing up. 
So, would you join our challenge and repeat outfits?

Lead image courtesy of dudettewithsign

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