#PakaiSampaiHabis Campaign : Real Action For Sustainable Beauty

#pakaisampaihabis 2022
If buying a new one is easy, how about trying something more challenging, join #PakaiSampaiHabis and use those product until the very end. 
Beauty products continue to grow in Indonesia. Based on the 2021 Kantar Study, the growth of beauty & personal care is 3% in the new normal (Q4 2020 + Q120 21) vs. the covid outbreak (Q2+Q3 2020). According to the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, there will be 797 large cosmetic companies and small and medium sized companies in Indonesia in 2020. That’s up from 760 in 2019. Despite the explosive growth, many missed that there was another side that was also affected, and that was the potential for increased beauty product packaging waste and consumer overconsumption.
Excessive consumption habits such as easy to buy and change beauty products just because of trends or discounts lead to accumulation of goods at home and potential environmental problems. Based on the independent survey of Lyfe With Less in 2022, 53% of respondents admitted they always throw empty waste into the trash without being sorted, mixed with household waste. The waste will be transported to the Final Disposal Site and wait for decades to decompose. In the world of environmental issues, we hear a lot about fast fashion, but few know that the beauty industry can become fast beauty, which can be just as disturbing as fast fashion.


Lyfe With Less #PakaiSampaiHabis Campaign

#Pakai SampaiHabis campaign was born out of this. Lyfe With Less and Zero Waste Indonesia invite Indonesian people to be responsible for consuming their beauty products. During 2021 #Pakai SampaiHabis collected 10,954 empties from 1277 heroes. In 2022, Lyfe With Less will continue to hold the #Pakai SampaiHabis campaign by collaborating with Zero Waste Indonesia to educate and spark recycling in Indonesia. By partnering with 15 beauty brands, 47 recyclers, and two logistics partners, #Pakai SampaiHabis invites Indonesians to collect empties & recycle them. The series of activities for the #Pakai SampaiHabis campaign also includes Empties Hero Talks, which is a series of talks about sustainable beauty. The Empties Hero Talk will also ve held online during the #PakaiSampaiHabis campaign.
“Sustainable beauty cannot be achieved by just one party,” says Cynthia S Lestari, founder of Lyfe With Less. To achieve sustainable beauty, both with products and attitudes, consumers, brands, recyclers, communities, and even the government must work together. The #Pakai SampaiHabis campaign is a small, real step toward that dream.
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Maurilla Sophianti Imron, Founder of Zero Waste Indonesia, added, “#Pakai SampaiHabis is a place for reflection and creating awareness to consume more wisely. It needs to be self-awareness and synergy from all parties in the community to reduce the negative impacts of the environment and climate change which are increasingly pressing.”
Bank Sampah Bersinar is one of the recyclers that participated in the #Pakai SampaiHabis campaign. Michaella Karina, Corporate Relations Officer of the Bank Sampah Bersinar, stated, “Empties received from the #Pakai SampaiHabis campaign will be recycled and processed into recycled industrial raw materials to become new product materials again.”

Sustainable beauty cannot be achieved by just one party. o achieve sustainable beauty, both with products and attitudes, consumers, brands, recyclers, communities, and even the government must work together.

#PakaiSampaiHabis X #EmptiesHero Campaign in Singapore and Malaysia

Additionally, #Pakai SampaiHabis will be adapted for Singapore and Malaysia through the partnership of Lyfe with Less and Changemakr Asia. Using the hashtag #EmptiesHero #UseItUp, it’s hoped that this can raise awareness of sustainable beauty not just in Indonesia but throughout Southeast Asia.
#EmptiesHero campaign 2022
Fifteen brand partners have supported #Pakai SampaiHabis: Wardah, Sensatia Botanicals, Garnier, Aquila Herb, NIVEA, OASEA, MOP Beauty, REI Skin, HALE, Shiseido Professional, Organic Supply Co, YOU Beauty, KAO & Yagi Natural.  
Appreciation is also given to participating recyclers; Shining Waste Bank, Waste4Change, eRecycle, Kertabumi Recycling Center, Lotus Waste Bank, Green City Waste Bank, Sekar Tanjung Waste Bank, Griya Luhu, Eco Bali, Lombok Spicy Waste Bank, Sumber Mutiara Waste Bank, Surabaya Main Waste Bank, Human Waste Bank Okay, Daur.id, Teman Pilah, Reparasih, BanHil Recycler, Recycling Business Unit & Jawara Garbage Bank. Not to forget, appreciation to AnterAja and eRecycle, who also provide discounts on empties shipping costs and free empties pick-up services.
#Pakai SampaiHabis campaign runs from June 1 to August 31, 2022. Information can be found at https://lyfewithless.com/gunakan Sampaihabis. Take part in achieving sustainable beauty with #Pakai SampaiHabis.