It’s Time To Heal And Reflect: Refugee Week 2022 Is Coming In A Few Weeks

'Isolation' by Mohammad via The Refugee Art Project
We are a few weeks away from Refugee Week, a time to heal and reflect.
Refugee Week 2022 will take place from Monday 20 June to Sunday 26 June 2022. This year, the theme will be Healing, which represents the chance for the world to “hit the reset button on how we treat each other”. 
The week-long campaign for Refugee Week 2022 will  include a series of online and in person events that engage with the this year’s theme of “healing” as well as celebrate achievements, talents and stories about starting again. 


Hong Kong – Refugee Week 2022 

Running from June 20 – 26, The Refugee Week HK celebrates inclusion and helps foster better understanding between different communities, while encouraging successful integration so refugees can live in safety and contribute to Hong Kong society.
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Everyone is welcome to participate in promoting the aims of Refugee Week – the more the merrier! 

Lead image courtesy of Mohammad ‘Isolation’ via The Refugee Art Project. All other images courtesy of Grassroots Future.