Innovate the Sustainable Future with UNLEASH Hacks 2022, Apply To Take Part !

UNLEASH Hacks 2022 Singapore
UNLEASH Hacks are localized hackathons designed to address sustainability challenges in specific contexts around the world.
Through a collaborative 2-day event, organized by UNLEASH hacks Alumni, passionate talents work with local stakeholders and community leaders to collectively solve problems and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Apply to take part in creating climate solutions for education and health!


Climate Change : Education & Health

In light of the fact that climate change is considered to be an existential crisis, the scope of topics that have been covered under the SG Green Plan reflect this wide impact on the economy & society.  
UNLEASH Hack Singapore 2022 will focus on the role of 2 systems in preventing and adapting to climate change: 
1) Education: availability and accessibility of knowledge & skills for a green economy 

2) Health: impact of climate change on health 

The Innovation Process 

During the Hacks, participants are working with the UNLEASH methodology, based on human-centered design principles. The two-day program zooms in on the following stages of the innovation process:
Problem Framing
Defining a problem based on user needs and clear insights
Brainstorming and selecting ideas to solve the problem
Creating simple versions of the idea to understand how it will work in real life
Testing the solution with users, learning, and adapting
Planning and launching impactful solutions

Who Can Apply ?  

You can participate in any Hack, even if you do not live near, as long as you feel connected to the community or the challenge that the Hack tackles.
Hacks are open to young people between the ages of 20 and 35. We select participants that are:
  • Passionate and committed to addressing sustainability challenges
  • Creative and innovative 
  • Motivated to collaborate and co-create with peers and experts
UNLEASH Hack Singapore 2022 - Climate Change: Education and Health
The Hack itself takes place on Saturday 18th June & Saturday 25th of June; teams are also expected to advance their ideas in between the two Hack days by reaching out to relevant community members. At the end of the Hack, each team will deliver a 3-min pitch. The most promising solutions will be integrated into UNLEASH Plus 2023 to grow their ideas further along with other prizes!
Deadline to submit this application: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 11:59 PM SGT (GMT +8)
For more information,  contact: