Leverage Your Skills In Urban Farming With Social Innovation Park (SIP) Course

mindful farming course
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Urban farming today is like the internet more than 20 years ago.
Cultivating the seeds of mindfulness through co-creation with nature. The Mindful farming course is a unique blend of mindfulness and nature to help Singaporean take the first steps towards learning about mindful and sustainable living through the lens of farming.  Social Innovation Park envisions co-creating conscious communities through the practice of mindful farming, aligned to Singapore Green Plan 2030 to support the national sustainability movement.  Learn more about the Mindful Farming Course designed by Social Innovation Park,  a partner of National Silver Academy


The mindful farming course is a programme designed by Social Innovation Park to cultivate a positive mindset shift in adults by advancing their knowledge on edible farming through the seeds of mindfulness.  A Key feature of this programme is to help individuals connect with nature through the practice mindfulness and farming that can be integrated into daily lives. 
The Mindful Farming Course is a programme designed by Social Innovation Park in partnership with National Silver Academy. 
The Mindful Farming Course programme aims to :
  • Train people to apply mindfulness in their daily lives  
  • Offer education in organic growing and sustainability 
Mindful Farming SIP Singapore
image : Social Innovation Park
The Mindful Farming course is suitable for adults who wish to  : 
  • Strengthen their knowledge in urban farming 
  • Acquire a more in-depth understanding of the science of mindfulness and its application in daily lives 

Mindful Farming Programme Structure

Programme Structure and Duration
  • Total of 7 onsite sessions (13 hrs) or 
  • Total of 5 onsite sessions + 2 online sessions (13 hrs( 
Taught by experienced mindfulness practitioners and farming professionals
Course effectiveness measure : pre & post programme feedback from the participants 

Course Details : 

Course fee : SDG 420 per pax
Fee after NSA Subsidy : SDG 84 per pax (applicable  to eligible Singaporeans aged 50 & above) 
NSA Course Code / Category : SIP – M – 002E/Ageing & Life Skills 

Course Batch Details 

The course begins on April 26, 2021 ( Monday) from 4.00p.m. to 6.00p.m.

There would be 2 batches* :

  • Weekdays- Monday & Friday
  • Weekends – Saturday & Sunday
A minimum batch size of 20 is required to run the course batch
Batch 1 course starts on April 26, 2021 ends on June 15, 2021
Batch 2 course starts on June 21, 2021 ends on August 05, 2021
Batch 3 course starts on August 12, 2021 ends on September 30, 2021 
For more information or enquiries do reach out to:
Email: sandhya@socialinnovationpark.org SIP’s hotline: (65) 6312 6200 or click the website here

Social Innovation Park (SIP) is a home-grown, impartial, not for profit organization founded in 2006 to Educate, Empower and Enhance social entrepreneurs and innovators from the Private, Public and People (3’P’) sectors. With the vision of building a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world, through high-impact, sustainable and cross-sector solutions to social needs.
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