Karimunjawa’s Triumph: A Small Victory with a Big Impact in the Climate Crisis

Karimun JAwa
Win for biodiversity and mangroves :  Karimunjawa proclaimed off-limits for shrimp ponds and other industrial activities that have been wreaking havoc and polluting their natural surroundings.
The spirited district of Karimunjawa in Jepara, Central Java (Jateng), has triumphed in their battle against shrimp pond activities. The resolute efforts of dozens of Karimunjawa residents from the sub-district have paid off, leading to the prohibition of shrimp pond operations in the area. This groundbreaking decision was reached by the Jepara Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) in response to the fervent demands of the local community.


A Small Victory with a Big Impact in the Climate Crisis

In their unwavering pursuit of rejecting shrimp ponds, the residents of Karimunjawa went to great lengths, even camping outside the Jepara DPRD office since Tuesday, May 2, 2023. Meanwhile, the Jepara DPRD conducted a plenary session to approve the Regional Spatial Planning and Area (RTRW) Bill for the period 2023-2043 on Thursday, May 4, 2023.
According to information gathered by Changemakr Asia, the legislature has agreed to ban shrimp pond activities in Karimunjawa. This regulation comes hand in hand with the establishment of industrial designated areas. Speaking after leading the plenary session, Haizul Maarif, Chairman of the Jepara DPRD, expressed his belief that this joint decision is for the best. He emphasized that they have taken into account inputs from all parties, including the substance provided by the central government.
We were only given the authority to synchronize the substance derived from the Central Government,” said Gus Haiz, as he is commonly known, on Thursday evening, May 4, 2023.
Gus Haiz further explained that the prohibition of shrimp ponds in Karimunjawa carries consequences for the region if rejected. The impact would be felt across all sectors as the regulations go beyond just addressing shrimp ponds in Karimunjawa.

The RTRW is not only about shrimp ponds. President Jokowi himself reminded me and the Acting Regent to ensure that the RTRW bylaws comply with the regulations and are promptly completed.

On a separate note, the Acting Regent of Jepara, Edy Supriyanta, explained that there will be a two-year transition period for permit holders. During this period, they will provide socialization and alternative business solutions.
We are seeking good solutions on how to revitalize the economy there [Karimunjawa]. So that the affected communities can be provided with the best solutions,” he expressed his hope.