Going Old School This Christmas : Give Battery Free Gifts

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Discarded batteries  are an environmental hazard. Give the gift of disconnecting and going old school again with toys or daily articles that are not battery operated. Battery free gifts are perfect choice this festive seasons. 
In many ways, we live in a battery-driven society. From our cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices to children’s toys and cars, modern life runs on batteries. But batteries can seriously damage the environment—and human health—if not disposed of properly

Environmental Problems That Batteries Cause 

The increasing global demand for batteries is largely due to the rapid increase in portable power-consuming products such as cellular phones and video cameras, toys and laptop computers. Each year consumers dispose of billions of batteries, all containing toxic or corrosive materials. Some batteries contain toxic metals such as cadmium and mercury, lead and lithium, which become hazardous waste and pose threats to health and the environment if improperly disposed.
Soil Pollution by batteries (illustration via google image)
Soil Pollution by batteries (illustration via google image)


The big down-side of battery-operated is that that they often interrupt focus and limit imagination. So here’s a list of items your loved ones will love — without any batteries included.
  • Board games – the original battery-free toys ! 
  • Watercolor kits – you can add some other materials needed to let their creativity run wild 
  • Easy Craft kits 
  • Colouring Books
  • Cook Book for kids – it’s never too early  for the young chef in your family. It’s a fun, healthy way to support independence and creativity in the kitchen
  • Brick boxes such as Lego and Eco-bricks (if you are bothered about the plastic, you can look for secondhand ones! 


Similarly, battery-free daily articles can encourage creativity and plenty of imaginative playtime fun ! With WFH, screen time is at an all time high. Here’s a list of gift idea to unplugged. 
  • Board games 
  • Chess kit – call it the Queen’s Gambit effect but a good game of chess can make for conversation
  • Jigsaw Puzzle – trust us, there is a puzzle out there for every personality type !
  • (personalised) stationery or daily journal 
  • Adult colouring book 
  • Gardening kit – home gardening blooms around the world during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Check out the self-watering raised garden beds with protective cover for easy vegetable growing at home from Vegepod 
  • DIY Sustainable kit – reusable tumbler, straw and cutleries
  • Craft kits – from weaving loom to paper bag puppets, you can let creativity run wild !
  • DIY cooking box 
  • Wellbeing hamper – essential oils, reusable face masks, etc 
While manufacturers and retailers are working continuously to reduce the environmental impact of batteries by producing designs that are more recyclable and contain fewer toxic materials; we as consumers can going old school again with toys or daily articles that are not battery operated to reduce the impact on our planet. 
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