Rediscovering Furoshiki : The Hottest Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Trend

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Furoshiki, an eco-friendly way to wrap holiday presents that can be reused again and again! Check out this adorable wrapping method. 
The last time you went back to your grandma’s house for Christmas might be all about good meals and the polite, repeated requests to unwrap your gift carefully for the wrapping paper to be stored and reused later. The underlining idea of Furoshiki is quite similar, although it uses fabric. Japan has been famous for their tradition of gift-giving and most importantly refunctioning and repairing goods. As the philosophy itself emphasizes on giving these goods their second lives, traditions such as Furoshiki and Kintsugi have been merciful towards the environment.

Furoshiki : The Alternative Reusable Gift Wraps

Furoshiki literally translates to “bath (furo) spread (shiki)” and first used in Nara period (710-794) as a method to protect treasured goods. In 2006, furoshiki was reintroduced by Japanese Minister of Environment as to promote environmental awareness and to reduce plastic use. Furoshiki itself is best explained as a traditional Japanese culture to wrap gifts or carry goods using preferred clothing by folding and tying it. Yes, the beauty of the clothing chosen is given quite a generous attention to.
But worry not, that doesn’t mean the constant need for new pieces of clothing to wrap gifts or carry goods as these fabrics are usually taken back by the gift-giver to be reused.
With regards to reducing our waste, it is always best to reduce first and foremost, reuse when possible, and recycle last. We can opt for a furoshiki method instead of using paper, albeit recyclable, not the most environmentally friendly option.
Time to ditch the paper and learn to wrap your holiday seasons gifts with fabrics. This eco-friendly swap couldn’t be easier.
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