Global Dignity Movement 2021 : Join Virtual Race For 40,000 Children In Need

Global Event for Dignity
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A Worldwide virtual race to send 40,000 dignity-themed colouring books and coloured pencils to 40,000 children in need ! 
Let’s show children living in refugee camps in Greece, Jordan, Kenya and South Sudan that they matter & have dignity !


A Little Book : An Important Gift  

Did You Know?
When children colour, they develop motor skills, build confidence, grow their creativity and use colouring for therapy and stress relief. Millions of kids around the world remain isolated or displaced due to war, poverty or the current pandemic. Many have little to no access to simple things, like colouring books or coloured pencils. They are missing out on the simple joys of childhood so many of us experienced. We can all help.
Global Dignity created a children’s colouring book and poem, “How Does Your Dignity Feel?” You can find your digital copy at Our goal is to raise money to print and distribute 40,000+ books and pencil sets to 40,000+ children.
Global Dignity Movement A little Book
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Let’s reconnect with each other. Get moving during the month of June. Build a team or do it alone. And bring joy to kids who need it. THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF IT!

Global Dignity Movement : Virtual Race 2021 

Sign up today to walk, run, bike, swim or roll with us in June! Together we will send 40,000 dignity coloring books and colored pencils to 40,000 children.
Register to Global Dignity Virtual Race 2021
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Register Global Dignity Virtual Race
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Select your ticket to register and create or sign in to your atlasGO account.
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Download the atlasGO app, login with your account and you are ready to GO!
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Reach out to the atlasGO team ( if you need any help with the registration process, data protection laws such as GDPR, and other technical issues ! 
For more info related Global Dignity Virtual race, you can email to

About Global Dignity :  

Global Dignity believes that ensuring the dignity of every single person is essential to combating intolerance, injustice and inequality. Through education and initiatives in more than 80 countries, we empower people to recognize their own inherent dignity and respect the equal worth of all others. Only then can we build cultures of dignity in our schools, communities, workplaces and—ultimately—societies that are more just, open and peaceful.
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