Fast Fashion Is Not A Good Idea, So What Are The Alternatives ?

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The best way to be sustainable is to carry out responsible consumption, try to buy as little as possible.
Minimalism isn’t for everyone, many of us enjoy shopping for new clothing items to doll ourselves up and try out different stylesLast week ChangeMakr Asia discussed the role of thrift stores for the environment and its importance to those in needs in ourEthicsBehind Reselling and Reworking Thrifted Clothes: Can We TalkAbout It?article. As such, you may be inclined to change your habit for the sake of lowering carbon footprint and for those in need.
Making more sustainable fashion choices doesn’t require a massive lifestyle change. So how can we stay stylish while still keeping the state of our surroundingsbe it environmentally or sociallyin mind

1. Restyle 

Get the most out of what you own ! A fresh look at what you already own can help you see things in a new light. Try asking friends how they’d pair your garments in different ways, or use magazines and social media for inspiration. You don’t have to buy exactly the same outfit as you see modelled elsewhere. Figure out what you like best from that style – perhaps it’s the combination of colour or prints – and see how you can imitate it using what you own.

2. Clothes Swap  

A campaign started by a company by the name of Sustaination Indonesia encouraged people to swap their clothing items with different ones as a way to promote a more sustainable look into fashion. also sells local and sustainable products, even including herbs and spices in their catalogue!

3. Upcycle Clothes   

Upcycling is currently a nhot concept. Much like repurposing, basically means using your pre-loved or post-consumption items and transform them into a different item of clothing.
You got two goodshirts that you’re getting bored with? Make them into a two-tone shirt and repurpose the remaining materialsThese days you can even find loads of organisations online that sells up-cycled clothes like for example in India thanks to their platform, REFASH that showcases brands that up-cycle clothes like Doodlage and Pero.

4. Repurpose    

Some good old arts and crafts are going to be your greatest friend in this journey to sustainability. You can use preloved clothing items as materials to patch up holes in your other clothes; use them as rags, handkerchief, napkins or bandana; make a quilt or use them to create other things like bags and dolls, the possibilities are truly endless!

5. Go local    

If you’re looking for a more sustainable way to get your fix without gentrifying thrift stores in the process, look no further than your local manufacturers or fashion brands. Buying local is not something that is only limited to food ingredients, but also clothes, shoes and even skincare products. These days you can even simplyrent’ out items with the help of social media or apps like Prelo. After all, being stylish doesn’t require purchasing new items.
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