Don’t Let A Child Go Hungry! Support Free Food For All (FFFA) “Kids Luv It” Campaign

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Don’t let a child go hungry! Support Free Food For All (FFFA)  ‘Kids Luv It’ campaign !
Firsts are important and essential moments. First year of school, first time travelling, first time bungee jumping. But we forget that our first meal of the day is the most important moment to start everyday anew. You can give a world of firsts to a vulnerable child by supporting our Kids Luv It Breakfast Pack!

Free Food For All (FFFA) ‘Kids Luv It’ Campaign 

Families with 1 to 6 children or more, are surviving on monthly household incomes of between $800 to $1,800. Many are single parent, whilst others are awaiting the release of their imprisoned spouses. With these kind of demographics at hand, FREE FOOD FOR ALL launched the monthly breakfast for kids programme in rental blocks in Singapore.
Adequate and regular nutrition is key for the children’s healthy growth and development. FFFA hopes that these kids can be of healthier minds and bodies to study better, and help break the yoke of poverty for their families in the future. Not only are we feeding them, but FFFA is giving nutritious food that they deserve for them to live life as they deserve!
Free Food For All "kids Luv it" | ChangeMakr Asia
Free Food For All "kids Luv it" Breakfast Pack (image : FFFA / Give.Asia)
The breakfast pack for kids will comprise of :
  • wholegrain cereal,
  • UHT milk and,
  • dried fruits amongst other food items
The recipients will be children between the ages of 4-12 years of age, in families with combined household income of less than $1500 per month. For just $1.00 a day per child with minimum 2 children per household, you can be part of FFFA continued efforts to provide healthy, nutritious breakfasts to less privileged children.
FFFA aims to raise $360,000 within the next 12 months to feed 500 households at $60 per month per household.
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Free Food For All was initiated on 4 November 2014 when we started to distribute food twice weekly at Darul Aman Mosque. Our first distribution consisted of Nasi Lemak, Otah-Otah and bananas. Today, Free Food For All (FFFA) runs several programmes across a spectrum of communities in Singapore addressing Food Insecurity and Food Waste.
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