Diversity In Humanity, Humanity in Diversity : IDAHOBIT 2021

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How are you going to rainbow ūüĆą today ?¬†
Each day, LGBTIQ+ people are battling inserting forms of discrimination, racism, violence, and exclusion around the world. 17 May marks the International Day Against Homophonia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT).
This year, with the theme of Together : Resisting, Supporting, Healing! International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia, and Intersexphobia (IDAHOBIT) will be observed to raise awareness regarding the violations of the rights of LGBTQIA+ community and also to promote working for the rights as well as betterment of the community. 
ChangeMakr Asia stands in solidarity with and supports everyone who help establish a safer environment for LGBTIQ+ communities. These include: decriminalization of consensual same sex relations, effective anti-discrimination measures, legal recognition of gender identity, destigmatization linked with depathologization, sociocultural inclusion and promotion of education and empathy.
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Below,  find 5 sexual justice organisations to assist and support (today and everyday) : 
The T Project is Singapore’s first and only social service for the transgender community. This independent community initiative was set up by June Chua and her late sister, Alicia Chua, in June 2014. They realised that there were many gaps in the existing social service sectors, which did not address the needs of Singapore’s transgender community.

Mitini Nepal (Nepal) 

Mitini Nepal is one of the non -government social organizations of Nepal working for the welfare of Lesbians group in all over the country. The main aim of Mitini Nepal is to work for the rights and welfare of Lesbians. Mitini Nepal works for those lesbians who are strongly dominated by society and family and it helps them to reestablish on same society and family and identify their gender identity without having any fear from anybody. In 2002, the lesbian’s couples named Laxmi Ghalan and Mira Bajracharya started to counsel the other lesbians with the help of Blue Diamond Society and later on from 2005 it was named as Mitini Nepal and till now same introduction is used by this organization in all over the Nepal.
Mitini Nepal
image : Mitini Nepal / Facebook

The Q Knit (India) 

The QKnit is LGBTQIA+ collaborative that seeks to create inclusive spaces for youth engagement and is aimed at highlighting India’s queer community.
Their mission is to UNITE individuals, groups, movements, and organisations fighting for equality under the law for the LGBTQIA+ persons.
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We know it is more important than ever to continue the fight for equality, equity and acceptance as a united front. So speak out today and every day against injustice and violence against the LGBTQIA+ community and for all shades of human diversity.
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