Continuing Self Love and Growth in 2021

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Continuing self love and growth in 2021. Because self-love is a practice, not just a behaviour or mindset. 
This year has been a rough patch for each and everyone of us.  The world is constantly flying by, judging us and throwing curve balls at every turn. Investing and focusing more on our self-development, here are three plans of action to a better mental health state for the rest of 2021.

1. Put yourself first and prioritise your mental well-being

It is time to put healthy boundaries even towards your closest ones. While personal boundaries are not obvious, it is important to constantly communicate and be assertive in constituting your personal boundaries and moreover safeguarding your personal space. Remember that it is okay not to please everyone and it is okay to say no without feeling guilty. Taking time for yourself helps you to understand yourself and how you cope with certain situations better. Give yourself time to sit alone and be vulnerable. If practiced well, setting personal boundaries can help you grow and advocate for yourself.
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2. Practice self-affirmation and positive talk

Affirmation works like a suggestion, not only it reminds you of your strength, values, it also boosts your confidence. Affirmation helps us see the bigger picture and focus on realistic action plans and our self-quality. Affirmation is used to help alter our prolonged negative patterns and beliefs. Letting go of self-doubt, comparison, and negative self-talk allows us to be more positive and see clearly and focus more on working on ourselves

3. Treat yourself with compassion

While times are rough, we can only rely on ourselves to be kind to ourselves. Be more comfortable with speaking up for yourself and be assertive about what you want and what you don’t want. Respect yourself and constantly ask yourself what are your needs. Remember to always extend yourself the same compassion you offer others.
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