Recover Better Via Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit 2021

Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit 2021
Fostering a secure tomorrow via Global Food Security & Sustainability Virtual Summit 2021 ! 
The Global food system is at a critical stage and made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. As many as 265 million people are threatened by famine, up 50% from last year. In addition, 700 million suffer from chronic hunger and 2 billion more from malnutrition, with obesity and diet-related diseases increasing in all regions. During the height of the pandemic with lockdowns, we have witnessed the collapse of the global food system with reports of food producers resorting to dumping their produce. The food crisis faced during the pandemic is a wake-up call for both developed and developing countries of the world’s looming problem when the next major crisis hits us, be it climate change, pandemics, etc.



Global Food Security and Sustainability Virtual Summit 2021 will be held on 17th September 2021 to address the critical issues of food security from the local to global level, and from an interdisciplinary and systemic food systems perspective. The summit will invite multi-stakeholders from governmental organisations, private sector businesses and NGOs to address the current disruptions and possible solutions on the world food supply chain.  Discussions will also include issues surrounding sustainability issues and how societies and businesses can design more sustainable solutions in their entire food chain to minimize impact to the environment and reduce food waste. 
Organised by The Pinnacle Group International, a leading conference organizer headquartered in Singapore, the event is formed in partnership with UNDP and APEC with the support of multi agencies and NGOs around the world. This event is positioned as the Pan Asian multi-agency and private sector event to facilitate policy, business and technological exchanges amongst key stakeholders in the global food community.
The event is expected to feature 35 influential speakers who will cover a wide range of topics including macro and regulatory issues, food technology, food waste, financing, food security & sustainability, cold chain & logistics and nutrition. 
Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit 2021 Speakers
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