Mental Health Bingo – An Easy Toolkit to Practice Every Day

Self check bingo - Changemakr asia
What can you do to look after and invest in your mental health as an individual ? It’s We have prepared an easy and fun toolkit to practice every day.  
Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. It is something to look after, to talk about, and is easy to practice every day. We have prepared an easy toolkit to help you practice – it’s the classic game of bingo, with a mental health twist. Play this game & share with your loved ones : 
Mental Health Bingo ChangeMakr Asia
Mental Health Bingo (image credit : ChangeMakr Asia)
Hint: if you can mark 5 spaces in a row you have BINGO which also means you need a mental health break. TRY ONE ! 

While the terms panic attacks and anxiety attacks terms are used in conversation interchangeably; these two are not the same. Here’s our guide to tell the difference between a panic or anxiety attacks



Find out more about panic and anxiety attacks topic during the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival (SMHFF 2020)  on 10th October 2020. 
Find out our full guide of the event here. 
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