#HOMEFORALL – Collective of Migrant Efforts

#homeforall Collective Migrants Efforts in Singapore

As you might have heard, the number of COVID-19 cases among our migrant workers have risen past 2000 as of today.

A warm, comforting meal is something many of us look forward to during this circuit breaker, while we’re all staying at home and doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, “Home” for 285,000 migrant workers is nowhere near as comforting. In order to meet safe distancing and sanitation measures, dorm kitchens have started closing. Many of our migrant brothers who helped to build our homes are currently lacking access to hot meals, sanitation supplies and information.

By today, many of us would have received a $600 Solidarity Payout. If you can share $5-10 from your payout with these vulnerable members of our community, you can help to ensure that they are fed.

With $40, you can sustain a migrant brother with 2 meals a day, for 10 days. Show our migrant brothers that Singapore is a #HomeForAll.



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#HomeForAll is an initiative by the Collective of Migrant Efforts (COME) – a cross-sectoral partnership across NGOs, government agencies and citizens, convened by A Good Space Co-operative . We aim to raise $800,000 to provide 20,000 migrant workers to support them in food, hygiene and internet connectivity.

We will be distributing care meals through Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO), as part of the Hope Initiative Alliance and Migrant Workers’ Centre.


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