Clubhouse App : 7 Clubs Exploring Intersectional Feminism

Clubhouse for women and feminism | ChangeMakr Asia
Got invited to Clubhouse app ?  Clubhouse users will advise you to join as many clubs as possible, but how do you know which ones are good ?
Still not sure about Clubhouse ? You are not alone. The invite-only, audio-based social media app has been generating buzz everywhere. Created by Paul Davison and Rogan Seth, the app has grown to more than 2 millions users and recently rolled out its own influencer network to compete with Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. But, many people are still on a wait list to use it, hoping to be added by one of their contacts. Thus, while positive in many aspects, embodies the issue of accessibility and inclusivity.
Nevertheless  Clubhouse sparks fascinating conversations about the world, ethics, culture, and anything under the sun. So, when moderated by responsible folks, and with the right people in the room, Clubhouse conversations can be something truly special. 
There are hidden gems that have hosted unforgettable conversations and experiences. Here are some of our recommendations for anyone who looking to explore and connect on the app :

1. Period Posse  

In support of the #HappyPeriod charity, this club is for people with periods to discuss all things connected to menstruation and share their experiences shame-free. 
Clubhouse for women empowerment | ChangeMakr Asia
(image : ChangeMakr Asia)

2. Been Worthy  

Been Worthy is the affirmation you didn’t know you needed. The intersection of feminism, self-worth, authenticity and entertainment for the women of color.

3. Moon Cycle   

Moon cycle is an all people inclusive place to come together as a community to discuss and raise awareness about womxn’s health and social issues.
It is also a place for people to support the womxn un their lives. Anything from period health, chronic pain, fertility, sex, autoimmune conditions, nutrition, crimes against womxn, womb healing, motherhood, miscarriages, reproductive choices, reproductive justice, Yoni Shakti, birth stories, FemTech, cultural taboos, and more.   
Clubhouse for women empowerment | ChangeMakr Asia
(image : ChangeMakr Asia)

4. Greater Than Usual   

Community of creative disrupters activating solutions at the intersections of sustainable & ethical fashion X fashion tech X artivism X crypto art X social impact & movements X leadership. Safe space led by and for people of the global majority. 

5. Mental Health Matters   

Are you interested in all things mental health ? If the answer is yes, then Mental Health Matters is the space for you. The club is dedicated to elevate mental health conversations to create social change. 
Clubhouse for women empowerment | ChangeMakr Asia
(image : ChangeMakr Asia)

6. Intersectional Feminists   

According to wiki : intersectionality broadens the lens of the first and second waves of feminism, which largely focused on the experiences of women who were both white and middle-class, to include the different experiences of women of color, women with low-socio-economic status, immigrant women, etc. Intersectional feminism aims to separate itself from white feminism bu acknowledging women’s different experiences and identities. 

7. Feminism In India   

Are you looking for a clubhouse room that explore different perceptions of feminism, its challenges in striking down the embellishments of race, class, ethnic and other dividends ? Feminism in India is striving to deep dive the cultural backdrop, the social conditioning, the deep rooted patriarchy and how all of this ties in to not just gender equality but also overall well-being for anyone identifying as a man, woman or non-binary. 
Clubhouse for feminism and activism
image : ChangeMakr Asia