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Youth UNESCO Climate Action
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Changing minds not the climate.   Take part in the Youth UNESCO Climate Action Network ( YOU-CAN)

Youth UNESCO Climate Action Network (YoU-CAN)

Results of UNESCO’s World in 2030 Survey show that climate change is the most important topic the world needs to address in the coming decade. For UNESCO, this means doubling down on its climate action and transforming its operations to find new and innovative ways of addressing the issue. The Youth UNESCO Climate Action Network (YoU-CAN) can help UNESCO in this effort, as a hub of knowledge, a pool of potential partners, a source of innovative projects, and a resource for trans-disciplinary climate solutions.

The ambition behind YoU-CAN is to promote and support youth climate action networks around the world. Young people are increasingly driving the change needed and YoU-CAN will recognise and support their mobilisation and advocacy efforts to address the climate cris.

UNESCO Task Team On Climate Change Tweet
The Youth UNESCO Climate Action Network (YoU-CAN) is a new UNESCO youth-led youth network project launched during COP25 in Madrid in December 2019.
YoU-CAN aims at bringing together young people from communities around the world working together to achieve the SDG 13 “Climate Action” in line with the realization of the other SDGs. The network aims to meaningfully engage and empower youth to drive change.
It supports the implementation of the UNESCO Strategy for Action on Climate Change, the UNESCO’s Operational Strategy on Youth (2014-2021), and the UNESCO Declaration of Ethical Principles concerning Climate Change by establishing a diverse and multidisciplinary group of youth and youth networks to take joint action for climate change.
YoU-CAN will mobilize young people to strengthen their capacities to further engage in climate action, climate change policy and climate governance in the areas of competence of UNESCO in terms of Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, and Communication and Information.
The network will support the international youth community’s commitment to tackle climate change effects, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its related instruments such as the UNFCCC-Paris Agreement.
A fifteen-member ad-hoc Steering Group of youth network representatives from different regions and fields of expertise was established to operationalize the YoU-CAN network, by developing a strategic direction, a governance structure, and an outline of operations for YoU-CAN, in accordance with needs on the ground.

Youth UNESCO Climate Action Network (YoU-CAN) SURVEY

The YoU-CAN ad-hoc Steering Group is launching this survey to collect information from existing youth networks around the world committed to addressing climate change and promote sustainable development. It seeks to :
  • identify how the YoU-CAN network could support and build on existing efforts,
  • and mobilize and strengthen the capacity of young people to meaningfully engage in climate action, climate change policy and climate governance in the areas of competence of UNESCO.
UNESCO’s diversified mandate offers the YoU-CAN a unique position to provide multidisciplinary climate solutions. Help the YoU-CAN Steering Group shaping the YoU-CAN network! 
Deadline: 5 April 2021.
For queries regarding the YoU-CAN initiative, or if you wish to be involved in or support YoU-CAN, you can contact the project team at
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