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The T Project SG Logo

The T Project SG

Singapore’s first and only social service for the transgender community. This independent community initiative was set up by Miss June Chua and her late sister Miss

Beyond The Hijab Logo

Beyond The Hijab

Beyond the Hijab is a space for us to share stories about our experiences as Muslim women. We want you to speak your mind, and

Aware SG logo

AWARE Singapore

Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group. Vision :  A society where there is true gender equality – where women and men are valued as individuals

Daughter of Tomorrow Logo

Daughters of Tomorrow

Empowering underprivileged women in Singapore and facilitate livelihood opportunities  We set out to: – Create jobs for underprivileged women whose talents are otherwise under-utilized. –

Art Women HK Logo

Art Women HK

Art Women is a collective of female asylum seekers with a passion for arts & crafts to come together and be empowered. Art Women is

Fugee Malaysia Logo


Fugee focuses on a collaborative rebuilding of refugee lives and marginalised people via three main pillars : Education – Enterprise – Empowerment. Of a whole

Table of Two Cities Logo

Table of Two Cities

Providing a platform to refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong Table of Two Cities is a community project that was started in late 2016

Project Rohingya Sisu Logo

Project Rohingya Sisu

On a mission to better our global community  Project Rohingya Sisu (PRS) is a non-profit volunteer initiative based in Singapore with a mission to better

First Star Cambodia Logo

First Step Cambodia

First Step Cambodia (FSC) is a Cambodian non-governmental organization established (2010) to meet the needs of boys affected by sexual abuse and children displaying sexually

Kilo Kabayan Logo

Kilos Bayanihan

Kilos Bayanihan is a US non-profit providing charitable assistance for children living in poverty throughout the Philippines. Kilos Bayanihan: Kilos = meaning a  movement, action or

Star Fish Foundation

Indochina Starfish Foundation

Indochina Starfish Foundation (ISF) is an award-winning NGO in Cambodia supporting disadvantaged children & their families through education, healthcare and sport.

The Better Alternative logo

The Better Alternative

Workshops | Social Impact | Facilitation Experts We run super awesome, fully customized workshops & purpose finding missions. We love people. And when people come