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Bare Necessities Zero Waste India

Bare Necessities – Zero Waste Living India

Using a people-centered and earth-centered approach, Bare Necessities addresses serious flaws in manufacturing, distribution, and consumption by innovating and providing sustainable solutions to waste, and

Capture App Logo

The Capture App

Track, reduce and remove CO2 emissions. Available on Google Play and the App Store! ? The inspiration behind Capture came from our personal challenge of navigating our

CarbonEthics logo (updated)


A  not-for-profit organization that aims to educate, reduce and offset the carbon footprint of individuals and institutions. We contribute to decelerating climate crisis through restoration

Clean The World Asia (updated)

Clean The World Asia

Clean the World Asia is bringing new sustainable and socially responsible practices and products to the global hospitality industry. Started in 2014 by its parent

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CONSULT | CAMPAIGN | COLLECT | CREATE    Waste4Change is a social enterprise founded in 2014 which gives services in waste management in environmental friendly

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Telo Bag

Our mission is to educate the people to use plant-based Telobag which is eco-friendly. Unlike plastic bags which will take a long time to be