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A  not-for-profit organization that aims to educate, reduce and offset the carbon footprint of individuals and institutions. We contribute to decelerating climate crisis through restoration and conservation of Blue Carbon Ecosystem while improving livelihood of coastal communities. Founded in May 2019, CARBONETHICS works to educate people about their carbon footprint calculations, translate their footprint into a carbon offset price, and then use the money generated for carbon absorption and coastal restoration projects. Planting mangroves and seagrass helps with carbon sequestration and absorption, and will prevent coastal erosion. The coastal restoration project involves coral revival initiatives to help protect the coast and preserve habitats for sealife. The project is hoping to diversify its portfolio of carbon offset initiatives into solar energy and biogas projects, and is set to be scaled up globally in the near future. CARBONETHICS also plans to run eco-trips, providing experiential learning to people interested in climate change prevention and carbon offsetting in Indonesia.
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