Business Fights Poverty Global Summit 2021 : Rebuild Better

Business Fights Poverty Global Summit 2021
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Unprecedented Challenges. Unprecedented Opportunities to Collaborate. Secure your place now for free ! 
The world faces an unprecedented convergence of social and environmental challenges. COVID-19 continues to impact the lives, livelihoods and access to learning of the most vulnerable people. Unless action is taken now, these impacts will be long-lasting. At the same time, it is recognised that urgent action on climate change must put people at the centre of efforts on mitigation and adaptation. The transition to a green economy must also be a just one.
Across these challenges, the impacts reflect deep-seated inequities – due to factors including gender, race, and income. COVID-19 has pushed back progress on gender equity and poverty reduction, and climate change is doing the same. People from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds face disproportionate barriers.
While the challenges are unprecedented, so too are the opportunities to tackle them collaboratively. Business is now seen as a key partner, alongside government and civil society.  Employees, customers, stakeholders and shareholders, believe business must take a stand on social and environmental issues. The focus is now on how we can collaborate – to tackle both rapid onset challenges and deeper systemic issues. Many businesses have accelerated their strategies towards greater social purpose.  Join them for a week of insight and inspiration.



Business Fights Poverty invites you to join them for a week, highly interactive event brings together voices and insights from across the globe, from business, NGOs, academia and government – to share the latest thinking on the nature of the challenges we face, and the nature of the solutions that are needed. Join us to access the very latest thinking so that you can increase the impact of your efforts.
Business Fights Poverty Summit 2021
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Each day, we will come together to explore a different theme around how we can “Rebuild Better” from the pandemic – Leadership, Gender, Livelihoods, Climate and Partnership. We will share practical lessons and identify new opportunities to collaborate to tackle the big social and environmental challenges that we all care about. 

Location: Virtual

Dates: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 13:00 – Fri, 25 Jun 2021 16:30 BST

The event is the latest in Business Fights Poverty series of Rebuild Better Summits, and is co-hosted with Unilever, and a number of partners, including the International Finance Corporation and the Corporate Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School.
Business Fights Poverty is a global community of people and organisations passionate about building an equitable and resilient future. We believe in the power of business to help improve the lives, livelihoods and learning opportunities of the most vulnerable people and communities.
By curating purposeful collaboration, we help companies and their partners access the insights and relationships they need to unlock new opportunities for business and social impact
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