Block Solutions’ Exceptional Journey: Rebuilding Communities and Pioneering the Future

As Block Solutions Indonesia sets its sights on the future, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to constructing schools in disaster-stricken regions, with an ambitious target of building 50 schools each year.
In a significant development since August 2023, Block Solutions Indonesia, a leader in sustainable infrastructure, has achieved substantial progress in its mission to rebuild and revitalize communities impacted by natural disasters.
Since our previous report, the company has reached noteworthy milestones, most notably in Lombok. Block Solutions has contributed to the construction of 74 classrooms and 36 sanitation facilities, bolstering educational and hygienic infrastructure in the region. Their efforts are expanding: plans are underway to construct an additional six classrooms and two toilets across two schools in Lombok. The company is also extending its reach to Southwest Sumba, where it aims to build four classrooms and two toilets, specifically catering to the needs of preschool-aged children.


Furthermore, the company’s expansion has been a testament to their gradual impact. Beginning in Lombok and Expanding to Sumba, the resonance of their work in these regions led to increased acceptance in Java. Customers initiated four school projects in Java located in Garut, Cililin, and Cianjur along with toilets in Majalengka and Cimenyan. This progression highlights the adage: the more structures built, the greater the community’s interest. As completion reached Java, other areas, such as Sumatera, started to take notice. This year, Sumatera has embarked on a block project encompassing a kindergarten school equipped with toilets and a canteen, signifying the diversity of their building projects.
The embrace of Block Solutions’ technology also has extended to Bali, where two ongoing projects exemplify their versatility. At an international school, blocks have been utilized to construct a basketball court, while a private sector initiative involves the construction of a block villa. Notably, interest has transcended regional boundaries, as evidenced by an inquiry from Lembaga Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (LPM) and Badan Keswadayaan Masyarakat (BKM) Palu, Central Sulawesi. They expressed curiosity about Block Solutions’ technology and its potential applicability in Palu, a region previously impacted by an earthquake in 2018.

Expanding Horizons Amidst Challenges

Block Solutions Indonesia, in its quest to revolutionize sustainable infrastructure, has encountered hurdles, particularly in remote regions. Here, the concept of transforming plastic waste into construction materials is still a novel idea. Nonetheless, the company’s persistent educational initiatives and community-centric approach have gradually increased the acceptance and implementation of this innovative technology. As the company extends its projects across Lombok, Sumba, Java, Sumatra, and Bali, interest in these environmentally friendly building solutions is gaining momentum.


  • 1 Office

West Java:

  • 4 School Classrooms
  • 6 Public Toilets


  • 1 Basketball Court Wall

West Nusa Tenggara:

  • 64 School Classrooms
  • 26 Public Toilets
  • 4 Houses

East Nusa Tenggara:

  • 6 School Classrooms
  • 3 Public Toilets
A significant milestone for Block Solutions was the establishment of its first Indonesian factory, complementing its existing facility in Finland. This expansion indicates a shift from targeting early adopters to capturing a broader market. The company’s ambitious goal to build 200 schools in Lombok remains a key focus. Moreover, the use of recycled plastic blocks has expanded beyond construction to include waste station development, addressing Indonesia’s pressing plastic waste issues. This innovative application has even attracted the interest of banks, which are exploring the use of these materials for constructing ATMs.
school classrooms by Block Solutions Indonesia
school classrooms (image by Block Solutions Indonesia)

Partnerships with Kitabisa

In a notable partnership with Kitabisa, Block Solutions Indonesia has broadened its scope beyond mere construction, delving into providing essential sanitation facilities for communities bereft of such basic amenities. This initiative saw the successful installation of crucial sanitation infrastructure in Majalengka, overcoming logistical challenges posed by remote locations and limited availability of raw materials. Despite initial doubts about the sustainability of the materials, the urgent need for these facilities took precedence, leading to widespread community acceptance.
These collaborations have been deeply integrated with local communities, benefiting from the insights and approvals of government officials and village leaders. This synergy ensures that each project not only meets immediate needs but also aligns with broader community goals. A prime example of this approach is seen in Cililin, where Block Solutions constructed the first school specifically designed for disabled children, showcasing their ability to adapt and customize projects to diverse needs.

At first glance, it might seem like a small project. You just need to view it from a different angle to realize that it’s not that small.

Further demonstrating their dedication to sustainable practices, Block Solutions’ recent participation in the ASEAN Circular Economy 2023 highlighted their commitment to the principles of the circular economy. This involves prioritizing thoughtful design, local resource utilization, and considering the economic impact of their products. The event provided a valuable opportunity for Block Solutions to network with businesses and state-owned enterprises interested in leveraging this technology for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Vision for the Future: Sustained Impact and Growth

As Block Solutions Indonesia sets its sights on the future, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to constructing schools in disaster-stricken regions, with an ambitious target of building 50 schools each year. This goal aligns with their broader strategy of exploring new commercial opportunities in emerging markets. Despite facing constraints in marketing resources, the company has adeptly leveraged various platforms to amplify its achievements. This includes participating in prestigious global forums such as COP28 in Dubai and prominent exhibitions in China, thereby gaining international recognition.

“It’s not about doing business, it’s not about generating revenue, it’s not about making profits; it’s about truly, at the very core, creating impacts. That’s what it’s all about.

Block Solutions Indonesia’s trajectory is a testament to their dedication to sustainable development. The company continues to forge impactful collaborations and navigate challenges with resilience and innovation. Their efforts are not just about construction but about laying the foundation for a greener, more sustainable future for communities that need it the most. 

Lead image courtesy of Block Solutions Indonesia / Linkedin