First In The World, This Elementary School Was Built Using Bricks Made Of Plastic Waste

School made from upcycled plastic waste by Ecobrick solutions Indonesia, Classroom of Hope and Pelita Foundation
School built from plastic bricks. The process is fast, like assembling lego.
The construction of SDN 4 Taman Sari school in Medas Bentaur village, Gunung Sari, West Lombok, NTB, is a remarkable feat as it involves the use of recycled plastic waste to create bricks for building. This innovative approach has resulted in the world’s first plastic brick school, SDN 04 Taman Sari, which was made possible through the collaboration between Classroom of Hope (Australia), Block Solutions (Finland), Pelita Foundation Lombok, and the local government of NTB.
The school’s construction process, akin to assembling Lego bricks, was impressively swift, thanks to the unique and eco-friendly building materials used. This breakthrough in sustainable construction has set a positive example for the world, highlighting how creative thinking can help address environmental issues and promote education for a better future.


SDN 4 Taman Sari NTB : School Made of Plastic Waste &  Earthquake-resistant

Through this pioneering initiative, the school exemplifies how resourcefulness and sustainable building practices can positively impact both the environment and the education sector. The use of plastic waste in construction showcases the possibilities of creativity and innovation in the face of pressing environmental concerns, providing a model for future construction projects.
To build this school, in the center of the bricks lies a hole to accommodate a metal hook, and before assembly, a steel plate will be fitted at the bottom to hold the plastic bricks in place and reinforce the structure. The use of plastic bricks has several advantages, such as its lightweight, affordable price, safety, and quick construction time. This innovative building process is expected to take only one to ten days to complete, significantly reducing construction time while maintaining the quality and safety of the building. Additionally, the school is claimed to be earthquake-resistant, ensuring a safe learning environment for its students.
With its innovative use of eco-friendly building materials, this school is a shining example of sustainability and progress, creating a better world for future generations to come. 

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