Building the Future with Recycled Plastic: Jimmy Hutasoit’s Vision as Country Director of Block Solutions Indonesia

Image : Block Solutions Indonesia
Waste-to-infrastructure transition, unveiling of Jimmy Hutasoit’s vision as Country Director of Block Solutions Indonesia.
In an emblem of compassion and dedication, Jimmy Hutasoit charted an unconventional journey, transforming his passion for Lombok and its residents into a sustainable mission. Despite not having formal credentials in waste management or upcycling, Hutasoit’s commitment guided his entry into these arenas. The culmination: a plastic upcycling factory on Lombok’s shores, which wasn’t just about recycling. Collaborative ventures with local communities and institutions paved the way for building schools and essential amenities, providing a beacon of hope for island residents.


Breaking Ground in Lombok: When Challenges Spur Opportunities

When Lombok, Indonesia was slammed by a brutal 6.9 magnitude quake in August 2018, the aftermath wasn’t just aftershocks and crumbled buildings, but a gaping hole in the community fabric. Education was knocked off its axis, and countless folks were left roofless. At this critical juncture, Block Solutions Indonesia stepped up. Feeling the pulse of urgency, they craved alternatives – building materials that weren’t just environmentally savvy but could also stand tall against nature’s wrath.
For Block Solutions Indonesia, the quake’s devastation wasn’t just damage to repair; it was a call to innovate. The eureka moment? Schools and community hubs crafted out of recycled plastic, once thought of as trash. Surrounded by visionaries like Duncan Ward and Brad Moreland, who were instrumental in sharpening his vision, Jimmy and his crew set out to flip the script on construction. Their groundbreaking solution? “Lego” style building blocks, molded from this very recycled plastic. Not just robust and modular, but also swift to assemble and a massive slash on that carbon footprint. In essence, they turned yesterday’s discarded plastic bottles into today’s epicenters of learning and community. 
Image : Block Solutions Indonesia
Image : Block Solutions Indonesia
Navigating the upcycling factory’s establishment on Lombok presented a series of challenges. With no prior experience in factory construction, the terrain was unfamiliar. Especially outside Java, securing investments became daunting, given the prevalent investor focus. Yet, these challenges metamorphosed into opportunities, showcasing that innovation could flourish beyond typical investment regions. Steadfast local government support and undeterred determination led Block Solutions Indonesia closer to its vision for Lombok’s progression.

Block Solutions Indonesia: Pioneering Waste-to-Infrastructure Transition

The transformation of plastic waste into educational infrastructure was methodical, a journey Block Solutions Indonesia had trodden with precision. Leveraging their expertise in crafting blocks from recycled plastic, they partnered with ADUPI (Association of Recycled Plastic, Indonesia). With its extensive network of members, ADUPI played a pivotal role in managing Lombok’s plastic waste.
The transformational journey began with collecting plastic waste. ADUPI members managed the intricate phases of separation, washing, flaking, and pelletizing. Since Lombok lacked a pelletizing facility, the waste was shipped to Surabaya, East Java, for further processing. Post-pelletization, these pellets became the core material for injection molding machines in Jakarta and Lombok, leading to the creation of novel plastic blocks.
However, the road to adoption wasn’t straightforward. Initial reservations about plastic-constructed schools surfaced. Block Solutions believed in the power of changing perceptions and embarked on a mission to reshape the narrative. By illuminating the community on plastic waste’s potential, the skepticism waned. With the rise of plastic block edifices, the skepticism transformed into enthusiasm.

Impact and Looking Ahead

Jimmy  and his team’s efforts have made profound impacts. To date, they’ve built 24 block schools, over 60 classrooms, 4 houses, and 20 toilets in collaboration with NGO partners like Classroom of Hope and Happy Hearts Indonesia. This translates to enhanced educational opportunities for countless children and families. Through these endeavors, Block Solutions Indonesia has greatly bolstered Lombok’s economy and ecology. 

We collaborate with locals to transfer knowledge on building using block technology, training over 100 builders. Our objective is to raise awareness about plastic waste value, discouraging burning or dumping. Building schools and homes showcases plastic waste’s potential beyond disposal. We aim to produce blocks from Java and Sumatra Island next year. Our ultimate dream is to contribute to building 10,000 homes per year in Indonesia.

The influence on Lombok’s community has been immense. Over 2,000 students now have access to dedicated, safe, and comfortable educational spaces. This initiative also extended its reach to local builders and contractors, prioritizing collaborations with local enterprises over larger ones. This strategy not only led to the construction of innovative structures but also empowered local craftsmen. Looking forward, Jimmy envisions expanding this mission, with a goal of constructing 200 schools and 4,000 homes in Lombok within five years. He foresees expanding their operations to Java and Sumatra islands, leveraging local plastic waste. The ultimate dream? Building 10,000 homes across Indonesia annually.
Image : Block Solutions Indonesia
Image : Block Solutions Indonesia
Jimmy’s voyage from admiring Lombok to realizing an upcycling dream encapsulates the transformative power of dedication. It stands as a testament to the impact that intention, allied with empowering actions, can have on communities and the environment. With trust in technological advancements, he emphasizes that upcycling is among the myriad ways to address environmental challenges. True success lies in belief, action, and unwavering persistence against challenges.