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From waste to value : learn about food waste prevention and the $700 Billion opportunity with LightBlue Environment Consulting. 
One third of all the food produced for human consumption is wasted every year. These 1.3 billion tons of food would be enough to feed 3 billion people. This situation is an absurdity when considering that over 820 million people are suffering from hunger (WHO). Food waste has also a huge environmental impact, knowing the carbon, water, chemical and land footprint of agriculture. From an economic perspective, the BCG estimates that this global food waste issue is worth $1.2 trillion but also represents a $700 billion opportunity.

Why This Course ?

There is too much hot air around food waste, and with the climate bomb ticking, time to apply tangible solutions is now.
The PLEDGE™’s purpose is to be the most hands-on system for food service professionals eager to cut on food waste, save on cost, and be prepared for what will be the new “Business as Usual”.
Not a class, this workshop is in fact a TECHNICAL traineeship to start your career as Food Waste Consultant. Acquire specific knowledge, coupled with robust methodology and actionable tools, to confidently accompany YOUR customers through the certification process.
You are not only answering the demand of a growing crowd of foodies with an increasing appetite for responsible dining options, you are creating your own responsible business too.

About this course :

This course covers why food waste as a topic has evolved from absent to predominant, not only as a 1.2 trillion dollars global issue in the context of climate change and growing populations (BCG 2018), but as an outstanding opportunity to impact both the sustainability performance and the profitability of players across the supply chain.
An overview of the food loss and waste along the supply chain helps participants get a better grip on the issue, existing solutions at each critical point, and touches on the topics of circularity, local sourcing and closed-loop systems.
One module is focusing on technical solutions existing in F&B operations from inception to monitoring the reduction of food waste during the implementation. The importance of using new performance metrics, being financial and non-financial, is studied and discussed, and participants get exposure to existing innovative solutions, technologies and certification currently available in the industry.
If you reach at least 75% success at your evaluated assignments (at the end of each module) and at your final test (once completed all modules), you will receive your Certificate of Proficiency and get a boost in your career!
Before each module, you will have access to learning material to prepare the session (news articles, expert reports, videos, case studies, etc.)
Each module will be delivered live by an expert lecturer, and you will have the opportunity to learn from special guests and your fellow classmates during interactive activities.
After each module, you will be challenged to test your knowledge and put it into practice with individual assignments or group projects.
Save The Date
Each module is LIVE via Zoom on every Tuesday 
Next Batches : 
May 4th, at 15:00-18:00 (GMT+7)
May 11th, at 15:00-18:00 (GMT+7)
May 18th, at 15:00-18:00 (GMT+7)

Who Should Take This Course :

For industry professionals, government officials, NGO/foundation officers involved in agri-business or sustainability, lecturers or graduates in F&B, hospitality, tourism, agri-business or sustainability, CSR Executives that want to deepen their perspectives and knowledge.
Anyone looking for a comprehensive program that helps them acquire a new skill setto tackle food waste, combining the latest knowledge with practical methodologies and tools developed over years by experts and used by the industry.
  • Prerequisite: Minimum 2 years of experience in sustainability or F&B consulting
  • Consultants in F&B, willing to differentiate their offer and broaden their skills.
For more information, please contact Chef Jespher Millano at to sign up or schedule a call.
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