World Cleanup 2022 : Largest Cleanup Campaigns Happening Soon !

Join the movement for the clean planet : World Cleanup Day 2022
Every day 3.5 million tons of waste is generated worldwide. Every year around 12 million metric tons of plastic waste is generated and cast in our ocean. To move towards a waste-free world and survive as humankind we need something we still lack in the world – deep and trustful cooperation between governments, civil society and corporations.


Save The  Date : World Cleanup Day 2022

World Cleanup Day unites millions of volunteers, governments, and organisations in 191 countries to tackle the global waste problem and build up the new and sustainable world. Let’s join the hands again for a waste-free world! 
This year on 17th of September marks 5th anniversary of World Cleanup Day and the movement will go bigger than ever. Lets join the hands to activate 5% of the world’s population, its scientifically proved point needed for the social shift. Support of every government, organization and each individual is crucial. The change in the World can be achieved only by working together. Join the movement for a waste-free world, join the World Cleanup Day. Let’s do It and see you on the 17th of September!

Lead image courtesy of World Cleanup Day / Facebook.

The article was initially published on 25th August 2022.