Women Climate Champions : Raising Ambition For Women Climate Action

women climate champions
Battered by climate change, women at the grassroots level have been continuing to work in climate adaptation in order to adapt with the fast-changing climatic realities to survive.
In the climate change arena, women’s leadership has been downplayed for a long time. According to an ASEAN Gender Outlook, women depend largely on natural resources which are highly affected by climate change.
The scenario is no different in the South Asian region, and in Bangladesh we see the unfolding of the crisis very vividly. In the South West coast women and girls spend on average more than an hour each day for water collection; according to a 2016 FAO report more than 50% of agri-labour are women; most of the women in rural households especially in rural areas depend on fuel-wood. All these aspects, drinking water, wood-fuel, nature-based agriculture where women’s engagement is the highest, are hugely affected by climate change. Given to this, it’s crucial to put women in the driving seat of adaptation to climate change for which enabling policies and strategies are critical. 


To buildback greener, UNDP India, ReNew Power and the Foundation for Innovation Transfer & Technology (FITT) have partnered to establish an integrated entrepreneurship development programme for promising women climate entrepreneurs. The Virtual programme will support entrepreneurs with business mentorship, network connects, funding opportunities and guidance to enhance impact.


UNDP,  ReNew Power and the Foundation for Technology & Innovation Transfer (FITT)  are jointly launching an integrated entrepreneurship development platform : The Women Climate Champions
women climate champions
Women Climate Champions: ImpactAim SDG5 Accelerator Programme will support 6 selected women climate entrepreneurs with a range of online support services. Interventions will include tailor made 1:1 mentoring sessions with senior sector experts; followed by strategic peer learning and capacity building activities. As a special offering, the selected entrepreneurs will also be guided on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) aligned impact scale up strategies


The Women Climate Champions: ImpactAim SDG5 Accelerator Programme is being launched to advance women-led innovations in the broader Renewable Energy space. The programme seeks to reach out to women entrepreneurs working across themes such as :
  • Energy generation,
  • Energy Efficiency,
  • Energy Storage
as well as support them with their most pertinent business development needs.
women climate champions


Administered virtually over a period of 6 months, the programme will entail the following:
  1. Support 6 early-stage women climate entrepreneurs working on sustainable climate solutions
  2. Fully online and remote business accelerator programme with 1:1 support
  3. Impact acceleration support will be provided to enterprises to align their work with the SDGs and amplify the social and environmental impact they are creating
  4. Leveraging existing partnerships and industry connections from UNDP, ReNew Power and FITT’s network
  5. Opportunities for business growth fund support as well as investor pitching opportunties
women climate champions


  • Promising Women Climate Entrepreneurs leading for-profit Organizations
  • Enterprises having at least one (or more) Women Founder/ Co-founders
  • Early-stage start-up Founders (POC ready, Validation stage)
  • Enterprises working in Energy Generation / Efficiency / Storage across Solar and Wind Energy, Hydro Power, WTE and Green Hydrogen.
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