#WhiteMonday Movement : An Antidote to Our Over Consumption Culture

#WhiteMonday Movement : An Antidote to Our Over Consumption Culture

Here’s the fact : the planet can’t afford more shopping frenzy campaigns that hype  over consumption and we need to change our consumption habit ! 

The #whitemonday movement was founded in 2017 in Malmö, Sweden,by the circular cloth-repair start up Repamera AB. The movement is the antidote to #BlackFriday and rooted on reuse, repair and rent values to promote circular consumption.

While #BlackFriday stands for linear, wear & tear consumption and competition, #WhiteMonday is all about circular consumption and collaboration. The black/white and Monday/Friday elements are chosen to draw clear differences between the two movements, just like Yin & Yang. 

#WhiteMonday Movement : An Antidote to Our Over Consumption Culture
image credit : @WhiteMonday Movement

Just a year, after its launched in 2018,

The Swedish Association of Responsible Consumption joined the force and they arrange it together  since then. They believe The Future is Circular !

Celebrated On 25th November of the year, individuals and organisations are pledging not to participate in the shopping frenzy of #BlackFriday but instead encouraging mindful consumption and circular consumption through the actions of Reuse, Repair, and Rent.


So, what’s in it for an individual like us ?


Changing behavior requires consistency beyond one day celebration. 

Here are some simple thought process you can do on a daily basis to rethink our consumption habits :



#WhiteMonday Movement : An Antidote to Our Over Consumption Culture

So, are you ready to join the #whitemonday movement ? 

Share with us your easy trick to be part of the movement ! 


"Circularity shouldn’t be bold actions, but everyday business. We need to re-think and re-shape how our (fashion) world functions. And linear economy is so 90’s anyway"

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