Tzu Chi Resumes Recycling Activities Is Back, 3rd Sunday Of Each Month

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Seven Tzu Chi’s Eco points have resumed operations. Let’s do our part to safeguard our environment and leave a clean planet for generations to come. 
On the third Sunday of each month, Tzu Chi conducts eco activities at about seven eco points in various neighbourhoods island-wide. Besides sorting recyclables, their volunteers also share with residents ways to make environmental protection part of their daily lives.

Tzu Chi’s Singapore Environmental Sustainability Day    

Every third Sunday of the month is Tzu Chi Environmental Sustainability Day. In close to 40 neighbourhoods across the island, Tzu Chi has garnered the support of various Residents’ Committees, to transform the void decks of HDB blocks, communal pavilions, activity areas, etc. into temporary eco points. Residents living nearby are invited to bring their recyclable items for sorting and recycling on Environmental Sustainability Day. They are also encouraged to bring their children along to learn about environmental protection.
Tzu Chi Environmental Sustainability Day
(image credit : Tzu Chi)

Tzu Chi Eco Points : Sorting Of Recyclables     

The recyclables in Tzu Chi’s Eco Points are sorted into the following categories to help reduce the burden of the recycling merchants in handling the recyclables and also increase the sales value of the materials:
  • Paper: waste paper, envelope, book, newspaper, magazine, cardboard, carton box
  • Aluminumaluminium can
  • Metals: metal can
  • Hardwarecopper, bronze , stainless steel,  metal parts
  • Electrical appliances: computer, printer, TV, DVD player, fan, oven, rice cooker, lithium battery
  • Clothingshirt, pants, belt, handbag, shoes, backpack
  • Glass: glass bottle, container
*Please note that the following items are not collected at the eco points:
All plastic items, Polystyrene foam, PVC material, rubber container, furniture, wood product, pottery, aquarium, mirror, pillow, diaper, undergarment, socks Tzu Chi seeks your cooperation in doing some preliminary sorting at home. If the items have been contaminated by oil stains, food residues, etc., kindly please clean them at home before sending them for recycling. In this way, they can prevent cross-contamination with other recyclables, while also safeguard the volunteers doing the sorting work. Note: Tzu Chi does not provide collection of recyclables from homes and offices.
Here are the list of Eco Points that has resumed operation from 21 Feb 2021 (Sun), 9am to 12pm :
Take Note on the 3rd Sunday  dates for recyclables collection day : 
– 21 March 2021
– 18 April 2021
– 16 May 2021
– 20 June 2021
– 18 July 2021
– 15 August 2021
– 19 September 2021
– 17 October 2021
– 21 November 2021
– 19 December 2021
Tzu Chi Collection Daya | ChangeMakr Asia
(image credit : Kareen Lui / Journey To Zero Waste Life in Singapore Facebook Page)
Save the date and take a little step to change the world !

ABOUT Tzu Chi  :

Founded in Taiwan, Tzu Chi’s work in Singapore started with the Mission of Charity and the goal of relieving poverty, before gradually expanding into the Missions of Medicine, Education, Humanistic Culture, and Environmental Protection over the years.
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