The Fashion Pulpit’s Kickstarter Campaign For Online Swapping

fashion pulpit kickstarter campaign
Clothes swapping is good for the environments and our wallets. The Fashion Pulpit has launched has launched a crowdfunding campaign to offer online swapping for anyone.
Three years ago, in June 2018, Raye Padit have proudly introduced and built the first swap shop in Singapore called The Fashion Pulpit. The project has grown so much and now seeking support on Kickstarter and will enable everyone to swap anytime and anywhere, via their online swapping platform. With a goal to raise a sum of $5000, the simple yet astonishing idea will take the idea of swapping like never before, an endless possibilities in the world of sustainable fashion.


The Fashion Pulpit Kickstarter Campaign : Online Swapping Platform

The goal of this project is  to ensure that you can swap seamlessly anytime, and anywhere! From the comfort of your home, on the train, in cafes, anywhere (you name it) ! In the past few years, the clothes swapping are getting a boost and has become a viable solution to eliminating conventional fashion consumption habits. By joining The Fashion Pulpit, anyone create your very own unlimited wardrobe. Think of it as having access to a huge community wardrobe, created by members like you with great taste and a sense of style. Online swapping is perfect for eco-conscious and sustainable fashion enthusiasts, people on a budget, and people with limited wardrobe space.

Reward Tier : Exclusive Online Access 

Aligned with The Fashion Pulpit’s mission in building the online swap platform together with their supporters, anyone can be part of this project by making a pledge that range from $18 to $ 89 or more. Each pledge offers a great reward with early exclusive access (24 hours earlier) and more details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page.
The Fashion Pulpit is welcoming everyone to generously back and support this project in order to make fashion a force for good !


The Fashion Pulpit is a sustainability enterprise that aims to advance circular fashion through educating, swapping, upcycling, thrifting and repurposing globally! The Fashion Pulpit is a social enterprise that aims to promote environmental education and awareness in the field of fashion. The Fashion Pulpit  platform is open to the public, as we encourage consumers to extend the lifespan of fashion items and minimise textile waste. The Fashion Pulpit also conducts events around sustainability and style, empowering consumers to take charge of their consumption habits.