#PakaiSampaiHabis Campaign Is Tackling The Costs of Fast Beauty

pakai sampai habis campaign
Plastic is an enormous environmental issue when it comes to our beauty and care products. Calling for empties heroes to join #pakaisampaihabis campaign 
You have heard fast fashion, but fast beauty is a thing too and it is also costing the earth. While the personal care industry is worth $500 billion per year, more than 120 billion units of packaging every year, contributing greatly to the growing plastic waste and ocean plastics problem. This is the ugly side of beauty we hardly want to acknowledge. 


Stop Stashing and Join #PakaiSampaiHabis Campaign 

A campaign from Lyfle with Less to invite Indonesian consumer to #BijakBerkonsumi responsibly to spend the purchased product before deciding to buy a new one. #Pakaisampaihabis campaign involves consumers, brands, the government and recycling companies to work together to achieve a sustainable attitude, reducing the rate of impulsivity & potential for waste generated.  Lyfe with  Less believes that small actions taken together will have an impact. If buying a new one is easy, let’s try something more challenging, #pakaisampaihabis.
As a reward to empties heroes, the official brand partners are happily give up to 80% shipping discount. Learn more about the campaign and rewards here   


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