Tackling The Ocean Crisis With UNLEASH Race For Oceans

UNLEASH Race For Oceans
Together, we can make measurable progress toward addressing Global Goal 14.
Are you passionate about water and keeping oceans plastic-free ? Do you want to mobilise your community or social impact ? 



UNLEASH and Race for Oceans are looking for champions from all around the world to be part of a worldwide movement for SDG 14: Life in the Oceans! As a Race for Oceans Champion, you will work with partners in your community as part of a larger global campaign focused on the urgent challenge of reducing and reusing ocean plastic to help conserve ocean life. As a result, you will help increase awareness internationally, while also actually reducing plastic and making a difference nationally!
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Race for Oceans leverages sports to create awareness for sustainability – all the while making activities are inclusive for all.


UNLEASH and Race for Oceans are also inviting sustainability-oriented individuals/teams to apply to organize one of 20 global events in your locally community. As a selected local champion, you will receive specialised (and free!) training on community mobilization to organize your own local one-day Race for Oceans, with organizing costs to be covered through a provided funding envelope.
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The training will begin in October and events will run throughout November 2021, with campaign results to be shared with the UN in late 2021. This is your chance to make a mark on an increasingly urgent agenda while forming meaningful connections and learning from an experienced team on organizing sustainability focused initiatives.
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Join the movement and make a big splash for oceans in your local community! The deadline is September 10th, 2021 at midnight CET. For questions, you can email the organiser here.


UNLEASH is a global initiative committed to bringing the world’s top talents together to share ideas, build networks and create solutions to help reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNLEASH has also been recognised as one of the world’s most influential sustainability brands (Onalytica).
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