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(SINGAPORE) Our online cravings have plastic consequences. Excessive packaging waste. Package Pals aim to tackle this rising issue. Support Package Pals Fundraising Campaign. 
Our click and buy are generating more plastic waste. Packaging makes up 1⁄3 of the 1.56 million tonnes of domestic waste produced in Singapore annually (source : Channel News Asia, 2019).  As the number of e-commerce orders grow, so will the amount of packaging used.

Package Pals  : Circular Packaging Initiative

Founded in May 2020,  Package Pals is founded on the principles of Reduce and Reuse, we seek to tackle e-commerce waste by giving old packaging new life. Package Pals acts as a middleman to create a closed-loop system between consumers and businesses, collecting 2nd-hand packaging via donations and distributing them to businesses for reuse. Packaging can be donated/collected via meetups, mailing and our drop-off/self-collection points islandwide. 
Aside from the main operations, Package Pals also work with businesses and schools on educational campaigns and long-term partnerships. 

Package Pals  Fundraising Campaign

While Package Pals are actively give new life by collecting and distributing 2nd-hand packaging to businesses, they also need our help to make their efforts go even further !
The fundraising campaign will run from 26 Dec 2020 – 26 June 2021. The funds gathered are used in different parts of their operation. This includes :
  • the rental of  office space,
  • logistical supplies (tape, marker, nail polish remover)
  • services (subscriptions to websites, purchase of domain) etc.
  • Package Pals’ exciting initiatives such as drop-off points with external partners also require some financial capital.
In addition, we hope to be able to compensate our members and volunteers in future for their time and effort spent into building this initiative.
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As a token of appreciation, donors who donate $5 and above to the fundraising campaign will receive an exclusive Telegram sticker pack designed by Package Pals !
Package Pals are a small team juggling between this initiative, school and work. While they can’t offer much in return, they will be sure to work harder to bring Package Pals nearer to you with their initiatives – such as drop-off points, events and workshops.
For more information, head to Package Pals Facebook Page and follow their informative Instagram Page too. With more people contribute to their cause, they’re will be one step closer to reaching their goal.


Package Pals is a circular packaging initiative for businesses & the Earth. Founded on the principles of Reduce and Reuse, Package Pals seeks to give single-use packaging new life by collecting & distributing 2nd-hand packaging to local businesses for reuse.
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